The impact of liquidity aggregation on crypto and what role is AI playing

Crypto market is evolving, and two key elements are part of the driving forces of this change: liquidity aggregators and AI integration. These factors are reshaping how traders engage with digital assets. Focusing on FluidAI, let's have a quick look at how it is contributing to the growth of the market.

At its core, FluidAI is a liquidity aggregator that's addressing the issues of fragmented liquidity which is often the cause of market volatility, inefficient trading execution, high latency, cost and other issues that many of us may have encountered in this space.

How is it different from other solutions in DeFi?

What sets FluidAI apart is its integration of AI into every aspect of its solution from liquidity aggregation to trade execution and predictive analytics as well. Their AI-driven predictive models have been meticulously developed using deep learning algorithms like Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) and Support Vector Machines (SVM). These models reinforce solutions that offer traders with insights into market trends, price predictions, and even volume analysis, offering a unique advantage in navigating the very volatile crypto market. Noteworthy that, their proprietary hybrid prediction system offers up to 95% price accuracy and also predictions of 2 minutes ahead into the future.

What are these solutions?

FluidAI's suite of products caters to both institutional and retail traders:

  1. FluidAI T (Terminal): Designed for institutional and advanced professional traders, FluidAI T is a web-based order and execution management system (OEMS). It offers advanced charting, AI-based predictive pricing, and a consolidated order book across centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  2. FluidAI X: This is a seamless trading and swapping solution for both retail and professional traders. With features like AI-powered price prediction, a consolidated order book, and smart order routing, it offers both mobile and web interfaces that enable optimal trading execution and enhanced market insights.
  3. FluidAI API: With this, institutions and advanced traders are able to develop their own prediction solution gaining access to market feeds, real-time data across exchanges, consolidated order book for analysis and more.
  4. FluidAI L+: This product targets centralized exchanges (CEX), especially those that have inadequate liquidity offering their aggregated order book to facilitate a better trading experience for users.

Global Partnership

FluidAI recently partnered with Imperial College London's I-X AI initiative, to further explore solutions to tackling liquidity challenges and enhancing access to tokenized markets. They are also backed by Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden amongst others.

You can learn more via their Official website and Whitepaper.

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