The BTT E3EZ Manta Board Is Feature Packed (But Be Careful!)


The BTT E3EZ Manta Board Is Feature Packed (But Be Careful!)

Check out Micro Swiss for awesome 3d printer upgrades: / Love the channel? Consider supporting me on Patreon: /> ModBot Merch Store is now live! Get yours here: l Find out more or purchase the E3EZ here (aff): 3 BTT E3EZ Github: Z My previous video on setting up the CB1: E Join the official ModBotArmy discord server: e In today’s video we dive into the new BigTreeTech E3EZ board. This is a board that I am very excited about that I feel many have been waiting for. We will cover the boards specs, what swapping it over was like, and what I discovered that nearly destroyed my board. () As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases: Buy now on Amazon: V Subscribe To My 3d Printing Blog! : / Lets Get Social! Facebook: / Twitter: 0 Instagram: / Twitch: 0 Music provided by Argofox: NEREUS – Lotus g

10 thoughts on “The BTT E3EZ Manta Board Is Feature Packed (But Be Careful!)”

  1. Interesting video as always ๐Ÿ‘
    Good find with that cover!
    Thanks for sharing your expirences with All of us ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. I just installed an SKR E3 into an Ender 3 max and it has the same screw placement on the cover so one to add to the list.

  3. I did not have the tab issue on a standard Ender 3, On my Pro in which I mounted it, I had already used a different printed case to house an SKR v1.3. SO I modified that case and 3d printed it, and moved the board over closer to the center to allow a little more room, Also the CAN pins are different and are not implemented in Klipper yet.

  4. Sounds like you should design and print a new electronic box or at least the cover. I do agree though that the design of the board was not thought out very well. Also, the SD card should be accessible from the outside of the electronic box.

  5. There's a STL on the Ender 3 Switchwire github that clips in the channel/cutout extrusion under the machine, probably worth a print.

  6. Been excited for this board, great video! Hope they fix that SD card slot, that seems like a big problem.

  7. Seems like they should have used a vertical microsd card slot on the top of the board.

  8. I bought mine as soon as it went on sale, been waiting for some coverage on it. Thanks for the heads up on the clearance issue. Guess I'm either designing a case for it.

  9. My e3 pro printer is setup with the dual z stepper motors. While researching this particular board, they mention the fifth driver for use with either a second extruder or the second z stepper. How would one go about selecting what the fifth driver would be used for? Iโ€™m interested in getting this board, especially after running the mini e3 v3 and about to hook up a cb1/Pi4B combo. This would save some desk space for sure lol.

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