The Bitcoin Logo being projected onto the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany

As the title says – the Bitcoin logo being projected onto the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany with the message ''study Bitcoin''.

Bitcoin logo projected onto the ECB in Frankfurt

Now guess who it was? You're right, it was Bitman!


Bitman strikes again!


It seems this is a targeted awareness campaign since he used the hashtag ''gesundesgeld'' which means translated that he wants to draw attention to healthy money (Bitcoin).

This is not the first time, in fact he goes around Europe with his projector to draw attetion to Bitcoin.

Kudos to Bitman Bob and his friends, not all Heroes wear capes!

You can find the video here:

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49 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Logo being projected onto the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany”

  1. No comedy flair? This is like Batman Nakamoto came to torment the financial crime underworld, which are actually the banks

  2. Simple yet effective, they cant stop you from doing this. Anyone who lives near a bank should do this for fun

  3. I can’t see the BTC logo because the guy’s gigantic balls are covering the whole building.

  4. Lots of good news from Germany regarding crypto, hopefully more countries follow.

  5. We need a Bitman Anime Series

    Plot: fighting fraudulent crimes, cyber attacks and defending crypto against politicians, SEC, and the government

    Starring Bitman

    Wife Ethereum

    Side chick Litecoin

    Friends: XRP, Cardano, BNB

    Pets: Dogecoin & Shiba Inu

    Human friends: Michael Saylor, Brian Armstrong

    Employer & Mentor: Satoshi monitors Bitman’s activities and provides the instructions.

    Sub plot Bitman was created in a lab by Satoshi, and finds out Satoshi is his father


    Final bosses: Do Kwon, SBF

    Lower level bosses: Su Zu, Kyle Davies, Mashinsky, Justin Sun

    SEC boss: Gary Gensler

    Government figures: Jerome Powell

    On going list so feel free to provide input. Any suggestions would be great. Can be updated. Thanks

  6. I actually like this move. The call to study Bitcoin isn’t just for them, but for us too, tbh.

  7. Bitcoin and real crypto currencies are the antithesis of entities like ECB.
    They are fighting for their existence which relies on centralization of authority, I mean its in their name.

    They will never accept cryptos as a viable financial solution.

  8. Man, I want a projector that powerful. But I’m scared at how much trouble I’d eventually get in with it.

  9. This isn’t the ECB building. In 2014 they moved to the new ECB tower which is further east along the Main river.

  10. it is an action of the twenty-one community in germany. at the beginning of the year, the “healthy money” movement was launched by individual participants and several buildings were illuminated with the logo.

  11. Perfect marketing. Doesn’t hurt anyone or anything and gets the info out. Well done Bitman!

  12. Hahahahaha, in conference room 169 they can only see the letters Bitc 😂😂😂

  13. Imagine being a late night banker working on one of those floors… and suddenly everything turns orange lol

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