The Azuki team launches new NFT collection and earns $40M in an hour. Launch was a shit show and buyers are dumping their nfts taking massive losses. Azuki team replies with “Sorry”

The Azuki team launched 20000 nfts priced at 2 eth each. Launch was an absolute shit show with the website going down and people unable to buy. For the people who were able to buy they see that this NFT collection is just a copy paste with a slight change from the original collection and basically a money grab from the team. 20000 nfts added also means dilution to the value of the original Azuki. People were very very mad at the team.

Their response was basically, sorry it didn't go according to our plans. What they really meant was sorry not sorry thanks for your money idiots.

Their response in full:

49 thoughts on “The Azuki team launches new NFT collection and earns $40M in an hour. Launch was a shit show and buyers are dumping their nfts taking massive losses. Azuki team replies with “Sorry””

  1. How many people are still being meme “assets” in 2023??? Tons still apparently

  2. Sorry for the inconvenience but fuck it, we are enjoying our life with your money.

    • what Azuki team wanted to say.
  3. Just stick to btc and Eth. There are so many NFT collections now, they seem like more of a gamble than investing in Shitcoins

  4. Atleast when Reddit fucked up Gen3 launch, they gave out an additional “apology series” NFT

  5. I also forgot to add that they’ve transferred out the 20k eth to Coinbase presumably to cash out lmao. Rip holders.

    Here’s the transaction –

  6. Honestly who is throwing 2 ETH at a new 20k collection. Yes it’s poor from Azuki but I’m also glad people learned their lesson.

  7. NFT jpegs are already over. Ppl still fall for it hoping they could flip them for $$ lol. They don’t even want em, just want to make a profit.


  9. One more NFT collection I don’t care about.

    The only NFTs that I am interested in is Reddit Avatar.

  10. Do you guys know for that Southpark episode and BP oil spill? “We are sorry…..we’re sorry”

  11. Azuki was originally meant to be a rug that ended up taking off because of anime nft hype at the time. The founder is a serial rugger. Don’t trust this team with anything

  12. Bahahahaha, I feel somewhat for those scammed, but, I mean, bahahahahahahahaha.

  13. Lol rip. So many people just striving to own 1 ETH, these fools trading 2 for a shitty NFT. Wonder which one really gonna hold its value better lol

  14. People were so happy defending the founder who was a proven serial scammer because he made them money. What changed? Nothing. Still a shitty project.

  15. 40 million fucking dollars in an hour, and a sorry in return. Damn boy, DAMN! Also, what was going through the mind of people people paying 2 ETH for a jpg.

  16. There were also many duplicates minted.
    Then the developers “updated” the dupes’ trait metadata
    ie. they ad-hoc changed the supposed unchangeable.

    yet people still dumping their money into these scam projects

  17. Me: Stay humble. Stack sats.

    Degens: My shitcoin/NFT is not like the others. I’m gonna become a millionaire overnight

  18. earning 40 mil from jpegs. For a fraction of that amount i will give you some jpegs from my travels. I dont ask for much, just a few hundred k will do xD.

  19. LOL

    It didn’t take me too long to realize the NFT market is complete and utter bullshit. Nothing of value comes from them ever.

    I am glad I took my money and ran.

  20. You’re telling me jpegs that a person or team can do a copy paste on and sell again after a couple modifications is a stupid thing to call an asset?

  21. Guys please read.

    Crypto is cool because it’s decentalized and in the same twisted relationship as the traditional markets are with banks and politicians. We don’t want to invite banks and politicians either. So we have to be decentralized in our organization.

    Here’s the rub. NFT technology will be very useful and integral to crypto adoption. You heard of AI and machine learning? They need good data. Do you know what crypto tech proves data origin as well as allows us to TRADE our own data … NFT. Yes it’s mostly scams now like the rest of crypto. Here’s how and why it’s important to make some community rules that help people see red flags in these projects.

    If a project doesn’t hit these rules it should be so commonly known that the average crypto bro stays away.

    Rule number 1. Projects cannot convert eth to USD until milestones are hit and a majority vote approval from nft holders.

    Why this is important. So you remember nft mania last bull run? At it’s peak it was just opportunists business outside of crypto so together launching a 10k project for .1 eth and instantly selling out. Then instantly converting that 1000 eth into cash.

    Do you see how that hurts the entire crypto market place? Thousands and thousands of eth in sell pressure due to these non crypto entities seeing opportunity.

    Very simple rule to head that off. If s project isn’t keeping all their bankroll in eth it should be a

    red flag.

    If s project isn’t setting milestones for those funds to be released that have to be approved by the holders.

    Red flag.

    Not allowed to critique the project in their discord.

    Red flag.

    There shoukd be more and they should probably extend to the whole crypto scene.

    The main point is. If we don’t self organize a little the policies will do it for us and there will be no more opportunity here. Not to mention a technology stagnation.

    It’s time to kind of start growing up.

  22. At this point if you’re losing thousands of dollars on NFTs it’s your own fault.

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