Tech-orientated altcoin with utilization: Siacoin

I'm not sure if people heard of it since the downfall of Skynet Labs (that took away a lot of attention from the project), but the Sia network is being continuously developed by an organization called the Sia Foundation.

The cool thing about this project is that the coin is actually being actively utilized to form contracts between renters & hosts, keeping the economy healthy & assuring that the coin price rises naturally.

As a non-profit organization it's focused solely on the tech (instead of selling empty promises for hype) to deliver a decentralized data storage network with “no intermediaries, no borders, no vendor lock-in, no spying, no throttling, no walled gardens”, opening the gates to a truly free Internet where big tech won't own you.

I hope this project gets more exposure, since it's trying to offer a solution to a problem that is keep getting worse. If there is any interest, feel free to check out their site:


3 thoughts on “Tech-orientated altcoin with utilization: Siacoin”

  1. When talking about tech-oriented projects, Qanplatform always comes to mind because of its hyperpolyglot and quantum-resistant features. I will check out Siacon, looks like a steal from your description

  2. I’ll check it out to see how it works.

    Speaking of tech-oriented projects, BrillionFi comes to mind. They’re developing a smart wallet infrastructure that emphasizes self-custody, self-sovereign identity, privacy, banking integration, and remittance payments.

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