Supply on Exchanges vs Price since ETF Approval

You can see the initial jump in supply where GBTC was selling accompanied by a temporary drop in price, but since then supply is dwindling and the price is soaring. This, to me is the best evidence that we aren’t going to see a pullback any time soon.

10 thoughts on “Supply on Exchanges vs Price since ETF Approval”

  1. I think there must be a relationship between supply of something and demand for it. We need more research into this mechanism and if has any significance.

  2. Does supply on exchanges account for the ETF’s locking away BTC on Coinbase?

  3. I guess that last bump is people selling when we hit the new ATH. Hopefully that sell-off is done because we’re already back to pre ATH supply levels. Primed for the coming supply shock!

  4. If you measure the value of the balance on exchanges in $USD the amount available is growing. 

  5. Am I reading this right?

    40% price increase (50k to 70k)

    5% supply decrease (1.89M to 1.8M)

    If so, “dwindling supply” doesn’t sound right.

  6. Where does the ETFs but Bitcoin from? Do they hold a 1:1 ratio to repay all buyers if needed?

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