Stumbled into $BNBTC, been APEING into it

I'm a smooth brained ape who has started off in the space buying into various Pump/dump scammy tokens, so my philosophy into investing has now shifted to searching for coins that are SCARCE and ones I can build LEVERAGE. I was too young to buy BTC, so my smooth brain has reasoned I needed to find another like it.

BNBTC is the first BEP20 Proof-of-Work pure-mined cryptocurrency native to the Binance BNB Smart Chain (BSC). 21M tokens solely distributed through Proof-of-Work mining over the next several decades. No ICO. No airdrop. No pre-mine. Trustless, permissionless, decentralized. 

I've started buying at 1 cent back in January 2023. I think this is a sleeping giant.

3 thoughts on “Stumbled into $BNBTC, been APEING into it”

  1. absolutely not, absolute garbage.

    it’s a token on a centralised blockchain, while also somehow “proof of work”, nonsense to lure in newbies

  2. Yeah; take a look at 0xBitcoin. At best this is that but worse.

    Edit: Nice Ai generated shill account

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