StrikeX DD – $STRX – This Past Month

**These are my views and my opinion on StrikeX Technologies Ltd. & TradeStrike BVI. These views do not reflect on an official TradeStrike Team standpoint**

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**A summary of what’s the come**

  • StrikeX secures large institutional client
  • StrikeX Wallet Roadmap
  • Wallet Download Milestones 
  • Verification on Twitter 

**StrikeX secures large institutional client**

This is a big one to start off with, on the 8th May we got the announcement that StrikeX has secured an institutional client for their new Web3 Consultancy Service.

**What is a Web 3 Consultancy Service?**

StrikeX will provide education and advise corporations on the full potential of Web3 and it’s ever changing digital landscape. StrikeX will be the market leading advisor for this industry. 

**What does this mean for StrikeX and it’s followers?**

StrikeX is evolving and extending their reach in this industry. This means that the organisation is becoming more than a project that can deliver innovative products and bridge the gap between traditional finance and web3. 

“Furthermore, we are thrilled to have already signed our first client, a prominent UK-based financial institution with global operations.” [Medium](

The above statement from StrikeX adds some proof that this amazing concept can and is working.

“We aim to empower institutions, including financial organisations, corporations, government entities, and nonprofits, by equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the realm of the blockchain.” [Medium](  This shows that StrikeX is here for the long term, from being For The People and providing retail investors the best trading platform to being the go to for institutions to learn about the blockchain. 

What this means for the StrikeX holders is that we are buying into more than just a 24/7 Tokenised Marketplace. We are buying into a massive organisation that will specialise in so much more than originally thought. Thus creating more demand to be a holder of this coin. 

**StrikeX Wallet Roadmap**

There are 13 steps to this new roadmap and I will try and give as much detail as possible.

  • P/L algorithm replacement
  • This has been long requested by the community and the Team are showing that they are listening.
  • Ledger integration
  • Ledgers are one of the most important devices in the crypto world as they keep your tokens the safe they can be since it is a physical cold wallet storing device. Having Ledger integration in the StrikeX Wallet allows users from all over to use the wallet to link with their device. This will attract more serious users.
  • Buy/Sell checkout workflow V2
  • This is quite self explanatory, it’s an update on the checkout when you buy or sell. 
  • Biometrics on/off button 
  • There will be an option for you to toggle the biometric login.
  • Arbitrum & MATIC integration
  • Integrating Arbitrum & MATIC will cause a spike in downloads as both communities love it when a wallet supports their network.
  • V2 in-app browser / Marketplace 
  • This feature will cause a lot of people to come to StrikeX Wallet as it is one feature I personally use a lot on other wallets. If this is done correct and seamless to use then I believe this could be the factor that causes StrikeX Wallet to really take off. 
  • In-App Notifications 
  • There will be updates and you will be notified within the app itself.
  • Additional on/off ramp service (BANXA)
  • BANXA is a trusted company that allow on and off ramping fiat. Having them will enable StrikeX Wallet users to have the option between Transak and BANXA to on and off ramp. 
  • NFT Integration
  • The NFT marketplace has over 250,000 users per month who are actively trading on OpenSea alone. This marketplace is ever growing and this means that StrikeX opens that door for scaling with them. 
  • Service Availability / Support page
  • There will be an area where users can view & request support for any problems they may come across during their time on the wallet. 
  • Full V2 Interface UI Update 
  • The best looking wallet out there is about to look even better. 

**Wallet Download Milestones**

Recently on the 4th of May the StrikeX Wallet surpassed 12,000 users in total with 5,000 on Android. Since the launch at the end of September 2022 the wallet has scaled beautifully in downloads. Smashing through the projections and has been very impressive.

**Verification on Twitter**

[TradeStrikeBVI was verified as an official organisation on Twitter]( ) in April, this is a great step to mitigating the fake accounts that try to scam holders & followers. 


StrikeX is moving in the best direction, with outstanding news like securing an institutional client for their Web3 Consulting it shows that they have the trust of major entities. 

A few people are scared because the price is very low and they aren’t seeing their holdings grow in value as much as the bull market in 2021. However, there is a massive group who know what they hold and why they are holding, they have been surprised with the extra catalysts like TradeX, StrikeX Wallet and now the Web 3 consulting. Personally, I bought because of TradeStrike: The 24/7 tokenised marketplace for the retail user. And that hasn’t even came out yet! All these extra products are amazing to hear for me, a long term holder. 

The paper hands will forever regret selling in 2023 when StrikeX is the market leader battling with the likes of Binance.

Here’s to Health, Wealth and Prosperity 📷📷

**What is the website ?**

[StrikeX Website](

[TradeStrike Website](

**What is the StrikeX address ?**


**What is StrikeX listed on ?**

* [CoinMarketCap](

* [CoinGecko](

**StrikeX is listed and available to trade on**

  • [StrikeX Wallet📷](
  • [StrikeX Wallet📷](
  • [Probit](

* [BitMart](

**Where can I contact them ?** 

  • On either of the [Websites StrikeX]( [TradeStrike](

* You can contact them via Twitter: 

* [StrikeXOfficial](

* [CEO Joe Jowett](

* [CCO Kishan Vadgama](

  • [CTO Rob Clark](
  • [CSO Jason Butler](

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