Stolen(?) money out of my Ledger

Hi all, I have no idea what happened to funds in my Ledger account.

On April 22nd, I made a transaction through my Ledger of approximately $5k USD. I authorized this transaction.

Transaction: d1a5fbc950abb8f16dd34372fc79256c041b462608aa5719b32fa8278ddf22c5 · Bitcoin Explorer –

Then, on April 27th, there seems to be an unauthorized transaction of approximately $30k USD.

Transaction: 596890998bbdc264f86859cc24d6369a4d1d4fd87cc920b664c655a91e2dc86e · Bitcoin Explorer –

It looks like the money now went into another exchange address today.

I am nearly 100% sure that I have not:

  • Digitally written my seed phrase, nor taken a digital picture of it

  • Been scammed

  • Had someone physically access my Ledger.

I have pushed the rest of my crypto out of the Ledger account.

I contacted Ledger, but they have been no help.

Any advice on what I should do next is appreciated.

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  2. It sounds like someone has access to your Seed Phrase! Does anyone else have access to, or know the location of your Seed Phrase? Is it stored on a Password Manager, or in a Bank vault? Unfortunately the Seed Phrase is usually the link between Wallets and missing funds.

  3. Omg 😱 really that’s never happened before for the same reason covered on here 1000 times! Lol

  4. You said digitally written ur seed phrase can you tell it you write it on ledger app ?

  5. Ok, let me clarify about my thoughts on this situation.

    I assume the money is gone.

    Is there anyone who can help me find out how the money was sent? As in, can I see an IP address of where the money was sent?

    Does contacting local authorities or the FBI actually help?

    Thanks for all the comments so far. I apologize if this has been addressed in this thread constantly, but I feel like this is a slightly different situation than what I’ve seen.

  6. Do you have Ledger Recover activated? Before I get downvoted: I’m not saying that Ledger has done anything wrong (except from offering it), but I think that feature is inherently unsafe and could be vulnerable to attacks.

  7. Did you store your seed phrase on the system or is it handwritten and kept somewhere else ? When I see messages like these, even I’m worried cos all my funds are in ledger.

  8. You should also investigate that sports betting site, using a mostly empty wallet and try to retrace your previous steps. Take screenshots of everything and read the code in the smart contracts associated with it. If you can’t understand what it’s saying, consult with someone who understands it, and see if you signed away your funds on a scam site. If so, that’s another avenue to add to the investigation and police report. Be sure to update the community as well to avoid that site.

  9. The only way for those transactions to happen is that either someone had access to your ledger and unlocking PIN, or someone had access to your seed phrase.

    There is no other way.

  10. You’ve done something wrong mate. This doesn’t just happen.

    Contacting ledger does nothing. They cant do anything. Its in the blockchain not on their servers.

  11. For the betting site you interacted with, did you signed something?

    I am guessing you could have signed a contract that allows them to withdraw from your account to another address at any time. basically you could have gave them permission yourself.

    About your seed-phrase security, I recommend you to get reset the ledger to get new keys, then go to settings and set a pass-phrase. Its an extra layer of security you can add so if someone steels your keys they still would need the passphrase (can be anything you want with numbers symbols whatever like a normal password ) to access your funds.

  12. Thats the problem even if you are telling the truth nobody will ever believe that

  13. Did you buy the ledger on the official site?
    Otherwise it may be not genuine, it’s a common scam.

  14. Your Bitcoin is not on your Ledger, and as such can’t be stolen out of your Ledger. Excuse the skepticism in light of your ignorance of what a Ledger is, but one would have to assume you did something you shouldn’t have done.

  15. How are you doing these transactions? Via the ledger app? Ledger for PC/Mac? Or using the ledger with a chrome browser extension?

    Can’t even begin to say what happened without knowing this at minimum.

    Also do you have friends or roommates that come over?

  16. Someone might’ve installed malware on your device, used keyloggers etc lots of variables

  17. What do you mean with the rest of your crypto, also BTC or other crypto?

    Because it would be very strange if somebody has your seed phrase they wouldn’t steal everything.

  18. Was the ledger bought off Amazon? You know there are fake hardware wallets with malware in the chips.

  19. Can you please tell us all what type of ledger it was, as no doubt there are millions of people like me that have spent several hundred dollars
    And if this is indeed the case them pls update this as for me the ledger Nano will be sent back and refund requested immediately as no way I’m paying all that for it still to get stolen and darn straight they will give me my refund

  20. Been reading about more and more ledgers getting hacked, threw both of mine away and now use Tangem which is unhackable from a seed phrase perspective as even I don’t know it.

  21. Bc1q09 looks like his reused Coinbase withdrawal address. It’s also used in the theft. .677 to that and .47 to the unknown address which then ends up to ??bybit??. That’s the weird part a ledger shouldn’t ever use the bc1q09 address again for change only he would send money to himself. It’s not making sense to me

  22. My scincere deep condolences! You could have exposed the seed to hidden video surveillance very unfortunately!

  23. The weird part is they didn’t take everything.. OP was able to save the rest. maybe the address changed(hacked) after pasting?

  24. Cant happen, unless someone has your device and pin.

    Crypto is a “push” transaction, not a “pull” like bank drafts.

  25. The red flag here is that you lost 30K bitcoin but nothing else. If it was any type of hack or key access they would have take every penny in there. Almost like someone knew your pin and had access to your ledger. Seems more probable than being hacked based on what you’ve stated above.

  26. Man, as soon as Secura comes out this next week, I’m probably ditching my Ledger altogether. I don’t want to have to deal with this seed phrase non-sense or constantly worry about phishing, mistakes etc. So sorry about your loss OP :/

  27. You should definitely report it to your local police and complete an IC3 form online to report it. The more quickly you do this, the higher the likelihood of any sort of outcome. The stolen 30k goes straight to a bybit deposit address (used 11 time since Dec 23) that a police officer with the right skills would easily be able to get records from.

    It is odd that the attacker only took 30k though if there was more they could have stolen.

  28. funny how many people think they have crypto in their hardware wallet, and that if something bad happens, it is because of their hardware wallet.

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