Spring portfolio hunt for the real bull run

We all already have plans for what we want to have in our bags for the next bull. Some tokens have already been accumulated… others will be purchased after a market correction. However, we always leave room for a few gems in our bags (at least I do).

I want to share some projects that I’m keeping on my watchlist for this case.


This could be the leader in the next bull market and I think projects centered around AI could be a good investment. I already made some decent profits on some of them – OCEAN and GRT are my picks from this area.


In this sector, I’m really bullish on AAVE. I think it will reach a new ATH, and perhaps hit the $1K mark.

Layer 0:

ATOM and DOT aren’t moonshots or anything, but I see them as strong projects that give provide high APYs for staking. It makes it much easier to hold during the whole bear market, so I’m filling a portion of my bags with these gems.

Layer 1:

EGLD. Its ATH is 10x from here – in the previous bull run, this project nearly had nothing developed in its chain. Now it looks more robust, with a lot of development in progress. They built a lot during the bear market and, if they hit again at ATH, I will be more than happy.

I have a bag of QANX too, which is another Layer 1 but in the testnet phase. However, they already have partners that will use their private blockchain. Also, it's followed by some unique features such as coding in any programming language and mining and validation with a phone. Even though it's 15x from its ATH, it's a low cap and could get much higher.

Last but not least, an NFT marketplace:

POOP – it's nothing as you would assume from the name. This will be something like an OpeanSea for the Polkadot ecosystem. Although it’s not that far from the ATH, however, it's a low cap, so it can go much higher.

Are you bullish on one specific crypto area, or do you prefer diversification? Which alts are you keeping an eye on?









23 thoughts on “Spring portfolio hunt for the real bull run”

  1. I think ChatGTP pumped the AI narrative. However, now many of them aim to be AI, but actually they have nothing to do with that.
    Dot is my fav too, I expect to see it much higher.

  2. What a well diversified portfolio filled with some huge smart-contract-powered tokens although I’ve made some huge profits of almost 10x with DOT but I’ll give a check on the remainders including ATOM & EGLD and maybe QANX since it is still a low cap.

  3. The crypto gaming sector is one I see long term having a ton of success. So many underdeveloped countries citizens are currently earning more than their respective wages through P2E crypto gaming. Couple that with the competitive Esports gaming industry we have here in the US and other developed nations. I think we see a massive boom for crypto gaming in the coming years with everything going digital, VR, etc.. Esports players can earn gains along with their prize money, people will see it as a way to game/stream full time as a job. Options are endless with the way the future is headed. I’ve got my eye on some small caps like ENJ, UFO Gaming, Gala and some others.

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  5. What about Layer 2 solutions?
    You don’t think the likes of NXRA is worth looking out for in the bull run? Don’t sleep on it.

  6. I really like AAVE too! I am glad you had it listed. It remains the leading lending protocol in the space.

    I would throw Web3 gaming into the mix. I am looking forward to playing GrabCoinClub’s game. It is a perfect blend of Web3, NFT, Metaverse and gaming.

  7. Glad you mentioned EGLD, I think it’s quite easily one of the most underrated L1s. They’ve done a lot of rebranding and building within the last couple of months, I think it could have a good run. holoride is one of the projects building on the chain.

  8. I have a good bag of ATOM and EGLD too. I stake those and the returns are pretty decent enough tbh, surviving the bear market. I am a big fan of QAN but as you said the mainnet isn’t live yet, the recent partnership assures me a lot. I hope it has more to offer in the longer run.

  9. Compliance projects are gaining momentum amid the constant regulatory issues. Polygon and AllianceBlock are building compliance structures to provide solutions. I believe they will be the next big thing in the crypto space.

  10. >EGLD. Its ATH is 10x from here –

    At this point, I’m just going to FOMO in, and some more dips wouldn’t hurt 🙂

    >in the previous bull run, this project nearly had nothing developed in its chain. Now it looks more robust, with a lot of development in progress.

    I thought I was the only one who noticed, there has been a lot of progress, including renaming it MultiversX and introducing XFabric, XPortal, and XWorld to assist metaverse creators, as well as holoride developing next-generation in-car entertainment that will integrate with cards and VR headsets on its Blockchain

  11. I’m also going long on Ocean and Grt for AI, but I believe other projects like Fet and Dia should also be considered. I’ve been using Dia’s oracle infrastructure to build on Polygon, especially for Defi.

    I like EGLD, but I’m concerned about only Maiar being responsible for almost all of the network activity. What do you think?

  12. I have diversified my portfolio and am bullish on certain areas, especially AI, Layer 2, Metaverse, and P2E.

    The AI projects I am keeping an eye on are CGPT, OCEAN, AGIX, and FET. For Layer 2, I am interested in MATIC, ARB, CTSI, and ZkSync. In the Metaverse space, I am following MANA and SAND, and also watching GC (GrabCoin), which offers a P2E game and social platform within its Metaverse where users can earn and interact with others.

    Both CGPT and GC are expected to have their respective IDOs soon.

  13. Look for projects with experienced and knowledgeable teams with a track record of success.

  14. Your portfolio appears to have a good level of diversification and appears to be in tune with the current trends in the cryptocurrency space. However, it may also be beneficial to explore decentralized digital identity management projects, as the need for increased security and control over personal information becomes increasingly important with the rise of self-custody practices.

  15. Interesting. I believe the post quantum algorithm and the consensus algorithm created them.

  16. You have solid picks for the narratives. I currently bag GRT for the AI, then Aave & Curve for DeFi, but through SpoolFi protocol, and then ARB for the L1.

  17. I prefer to diversify my bags and put all my resources into one token, that’s why I’ve PF across many niches like DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and A.I with gems like FET, AR, MATIC, VRA, RIDE, and a few others now.

  18. Don’t miss out on Decentralized ID projects like ORE or NXRA. It’s a niche with a lot of promise.

  19. I concurred with you. I got many potential gems on MEXC with special attention on AI tokens. OCEAN has been stacked long ago and I’m currently DCAing on GPT and RJV that are still noob will solid potential of 1000x

  20. I would take a look into TLOS as well, great EVM that’s constantly improving and will be huge during the next bullrun for DE-FI.

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