SPL Tokens to Trezor

Hi all,

As I understand it Trezor supports SPL-tokens. Which tokens of Solana that fall under this category isn’t completely clear to me. But that is a question for another forum.

But to test it I just transferred a small amount of Pyth to my Trezor T through the solana chain. But it doesn’t show up in my Trezor under Solana – tokens.

I saw a video of cryptodad (https://youtu.be/AwFuup-pzf4?si=I2nhx1DO8O1t0ri3 starting at 5:50) sending Raydium to Trezor. He did it succesfully as his Raydium showed up in his tokens under Solana. Raydium isn’t supported by Trezor T and Pyth isn’t either, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

Firmware etc. is up to date etc.

What am I missing?

Kind Regards!

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  2. This will be most probably Trezor Suite limitation (it’s backends). Are you able to discover your tokens when connecting your Trezor to third party app such as NuFi ?

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