Spam mail?

Just received this, I'm quite sure I shouldn't worry, but I thought I'd ask reddit anyways. The mail comes from

8 thoughts on “Spam mail?”

  1. You don’t give your email address when you sign up for metamask, so this is an attempted scam.

  2. This is a scam attempt. MetaMask will never initiate contact with you. If you would like to report these messages, you can forward the emails to Phishfort as outlined in the 1st option of this MetaMask article:

    Do not click the links in that email. Good job not falling for it and asking. 😀

  3. Definitely spam. When an email is unexpected but too convincing to be real, I look at the email address to check the authenticity and usually those scam emails have random unrelated words in the from address. I think the scammers expect to lure in victims that don’t meticulously check everything first.

  4. I got this too, my first thought is that ritualgym themselves might be trying to pull this off🤷🏻‍♂️

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