Solana hits huge milestone: 40 days of continued uptime

With a market cap of 11 billion (yes you've heard that right! unbacked US dollars!) SOL ranks as the 12th crypto by market cap and has achieved a stagerring uptime of 40 straight days!

With some exclusive features like extreme centralization, a 1 to 1 match in uptime/downtime ratio and multiple useless NFT & DeFi projects after the FTX fiasco SOL remains as one of the jewels of the crypto world!

Also they achieved an entire month of uptime on March! (why should that be so damn important with projects like LTC having a 100% uptime, right?).

Here you can see the updays and downdays for February
March & April.

As you can see Solana clearly solved all of it's problems and is a great network!!

50 thoughts on “Solana hits huge milestone: 40 days of continued uptime”

  1. Meanwhile:

    Bitcoin went down in 2010 for 8 hours and 27 minutes. The Bitcoin network was down in 2013 for 6 hours and 20 minutes. Since the 2013 downtime, the Bitcoin network has not gone down.

  2. Serious question. If Solona manages to never have downtime anymore, would it be considered a good blockchain?

  3. Wow that’s almost as long an uptime as that “MMO” had that a guy i knew in high school wrote in Visual Basic

  4. Just saying, Reddit is at 24 days right now! I wonder who will get the longer streak this time!

    Seriously, if an “unstoppable blockchain” has a similar uptime as a rather unstable social network, get your money out.

  5. This is not a flex. You should have no down time ever if you want to be around long term. Figure it out Solana bc this is embarrassing for you

  6. Always expecting the comedy tag on these SOL uptime posts..

    …you should definitely label it comedy…

  7. I have a few games that uses Solana like StepN and Genopet…so it has real world uses…unlike say Cardano ahem ahem.

  8. Great FUD OP.

    Circlejerking about down-time: Check

    Continuing the fabricated centralization narrative: Check

    Downplaying by far the biggest NFT space outside of ETH L1: Check

    Conflating extrinsic factors as instrinsic: Check

    >As you can see Solana clearly solved all of it’s problems and is a great network!!

    If you luddites ever actually wanted to inform yourselves rather than repeat inaccurate talking points you could easily find research to do so.

    This might help you OP, assuming you actually want to learn about crypto rather than just farm MOON’s by appealing to the sub’s bias.×1800.png?w=714&fit=max&auto=format&dpr=3

  9. I don’t pay much attention to Sol. Seeing stuff like this, uhm, how is Sol still a thing if they’re bragging about this?

    What is unique about Sol that nobody has gone “Fine, I’ll do it myself” with all the shit Sol has gone through over the years?

  10. The best part of this post is the absence of the “comedy” flair. Satire at its best!

  11. if ever there is proof a major crypto culling is needed then its this. number 12 of a kajillion is that terrible. not scary at all

  12. ha ha – looking for the COMEDY flair. Seems to be inadvertently left off the OP.

  13. Can anyone think of a reason someone would buy SOL other than “it used to be worth more”?

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