Softwar by Major Jason Paul Lowery has been banned by the Pentagon. Request for bitcoiners to make available online

Today Major Jason Paul Lowery tweeted: “For those asking what's been going on w/me, I was ordered to take SOFTWAR down & asked to stop talking about the subject publicly. Doesn't appear on MIT's library either. Can't talk details but things are good & I'm working hard behind the scenes. Appreciate the kind words.”

I ask bitcoiners who bought the book or have it in digital format to make it available for the world. It has been pulled from MIT and Amazon. It's not available on Library Genesis either.

The powers at be want to silence something that appears on this book. We must fight this censorship!

26 thoughts on “Softwar by Major Jason Paul Lowery has been banned by the Pentagon. Request for bitcoiners to make available online”

  1. Would have bought it if price had been reasonable ~ it was so expensive to buy.

    Any links to a download?

  2. What happened to freedom of speech in the USA?

    Why doesn’t he say what is happening ‘behind the scenes’?

  3. Fuck i should have bought it when I saw it. I’m already behind on my reading list and thought I’d finish my current before buying this for the queue. Sad.

  4. To be fair: the dude is a prick and he published his thesis ahead of it being actually made free/public as a conclusion of his Phd. So he is 100% a grifter lol

  5. I was a supporter of Jason’s from the beginning, didn’t read the thesis but listened to pretty much every podcast he was on, generally agreed with his ideas, thought the bashing on Twitter was unfair and mostly uninformed. But man… something happened to him after the book was published. His tweeting started to seem really erratic and unhinged and IMO he was showing some signs of mental instability, possibly having manic or hypomanic episodes. I don’t think his subsequent periodic absences or this latest development mean what people think they mean.

    Plenty of links to digitized copies in the tweet replies, btw

  6. SOFTWAR Can be read here: says a simple google search.

  7. there is nothing crazy here, you cant leverage your military status for personal gain; which he did.

  8. This guy psyop’d the Twitter algo by deleting everyone to sell this book, while explaining how he was doing it, while he was doing it. So this is also pretty genius to drop right after the uap hearings. I see you Jason. The thesis is incredible tho and everyone should go read it.

  9. It’s a really dumb thesis though.

    “Hey guys, what if, umm, countries decided to—GUYS!—what if, what if all wars were replaced by mining Bitcoin?! That would be cool.”

    As helpful useful and amazingly awesome as Bitcoin is, it does not replace physical force when that’s what you’re defending against.

    This is not like Bitcoin where the genius of it is not immediately obvious. It’s just a really dumb idea with a bunch of tortured logic to attempt to compare Bitcoin to a weapon. It’s a dumb thesis because the reasoning makes no bloody sense.

  10. Fuck yes, I got one baaaayby.

    That guy pissed me off with his antics on Twitter though. Blocking and unblocking people within a day to keep him in the conversation etc.

    Decent theory though. Wish it was borderline ANYONE else though.

  11. Dude, it’s right where it’s always been. He’s probably in trouble for monetizing something tax payers paid for. DoD doesn’t send you to school to write a paper so you can sell it to the people who sent you to school.

  12. Very few comments talk about what’s in the book. Maybe some may shed some lights ?

  13. Wait… isn’t that kind of s big deal? I would love to get my hands on s physical copy now 🙂

  14. I swear I never heard of this thing before, but just announcing it being banned makes me curious and want to check it out.

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