So i found an old bitcoin wallet from 2009!

I go thru old hardrives people have thrown away and I was searching for bitcoin wallets and I found one.
I downloaded bitcoin core and it started to synchronize from 15 years ago.

Damn I hope this shows something interesting 🫣

Should I do something more then just let it do its thing?

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  1. 18h left, it’s on 2013 now. About 10 years left to do it’s thing with I am so hyped hope it’s not for nothing.

  2. Dude I really wish you luck. I recommend you if you hit the jackpot to just go silent

  3. You may not remember as we were so messed up on [insert drug of choice] but we made a promise to each other to sort each other out if we ever found a bitcoin stash.

    Edit: omg I love this reply chain. I can’t believe op and I forgot you *checks notes* 11.

  4. you can extract the addresses and look at them in an explorer no need to wait for it to fully sync

  5. Kids, remember to write 0s and 1s on your hardrive at least 3 times before throwing it away.

  6. If it has to sync with entire blockchain its gonna take awhile. Good luck with whatever you have.

  7. You can hide the synchronization dialog to see the transactions and balance (valid for the time up to which you synced so far). So you can easily see if there were any coins at all.

  8. I threw away a hard drive with my original wallet on it for 2010. But all bitcoins had been moved to a trezor, I also zeroed the drive, and drilled a hole in it. But it’s probably technically retrievable, if highly motivated I guess. I mean I drilled threw the plates on the drive. But some of the plate is still good I guess.

    Someone might feel lucky when they update to 2014, then be shattered shortly thereafter. hehe.

  9. Somebody caring to enlighten me what we are looking at and waiting for? 🙂

  10. Where can you find old hard drives? And how can you access the address without the seed phrase

  11. It could be that the Bitcoin Core just started synchronizing from the Genesis Block while the wallet was created way later than that. Somehow doubt the wallet was created in 2009…

  12. So everyone who commented in the first hour gets a Bitcoin right? I need to open my animal sanctuary already. But really, congrats! I got my fingers crossed for you.

  13. Find the wallet address(es) and go to bitcoin block explorer and have a look if you have any coins left. It is nonsense to sync whole block chain data if you have not got any coins left.

  14. What do you find wallets with? I have a bunch of my own hard drives I need to check before tossing. I know I had a wallet during mt gox days, I didn’t have it with them though. Never was able to figure out where it was. Didn’t know anything back then.

  15. if theres a wallet in there, put the public address into the block chain explorer to see if theres anything on it before you spend 2 weeks downloading 610gb

  16. Commenting so you can remember all those who helped you when you were still poor

  17. 2009 wallet is super OG.

    I consider myself an early BTC adopter. In 2014 I printed off paper wallets to give to each of my cousins on my dad’s side at Christmas. I was “that guy” promoting BTC to all my family over the holidays. (We do Secret Santa so I got one person a “real” gift but I gave everyone some BTC just because.)

    So in November of 2014 I sent 0.0533 BTC (I think that was somewhere between $10-$15 at the time) to each paper wallet. I laminated each one and put it in an envelope with a letter that said basically to put it in their sock drawer and forget about it and I would tell them when to sell in the future.

    When Christmas came around I had to drive from Dallas to St Louis to see everyone and I forgot to pack the laminated wallets. So when I got to St Louis I went to a printing store and made all new wallets and laminated them and gave them out at Christmas. When I got home I put the wallets that I forgot at home in a shoe box which I just found recently. I only found 5 of the wallets but I checked it today and they are worth over $18,000. Each wallet is worth about $3,700.

    My family has a group chat on Facebook and periodically I will send everyone a message telling them how much their BTC is worth.

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