Seriously Ledger ?

Throwaway account for obvious reasons.

There are 3 numbers displayed in this screenshot.
BTC balance and price are correct. Total USD value is not and is off by 5k$

Do you really think I'm going to trust you with correctly implementing distributed key shards for your new Recover service, when you can't even make a multiplication correctly? That's madness.

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11 thoughts on “Seriously Ledger ?”

  1. Look everyone my hardware wallet only correctly tracks my holdings and not the price swings, Ledger sucks I’m going to a crypto tracking software.

  2. Stop thinking of your BTC in amount of dollars. As long as the sats are correct is what important. They probably pull their price from a different source than you or don’t update in real time.

  3. Ledger is not the best if you want accurate $ readings, but the crypto holdings will 100% be what’s on the blockchain and that’s what matters

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