Sending from one CoinJoin Wallet in Trezor Suite to my other HIDDEN PASSPHRASE CoinJoin Wallet

So I have COINJED BTC in my Trezor Suite which are 100% PRIVATE in Wallet1.
I decided to now use a PASSPHRASE to create a HIDDEN WALLET. Named W2.
I want to move my CJ BTC from W1 to W2.
I added a COINJOIN account in W2 and sent some of my smaller CJ BTC from W1 received by 2 separate CJ addresses in the W2. Before sending, I consolidated them (using COIN CONTROL) by manually bundling 6 UTXOs per send (they were smaller amounts).
Now I have the larger UTXOs left in W1 in the CoinJoin account.
I was going to send them one at a time from W1 CJ account to W2 CJ account.

Coupla questions:

  1. when I sent over the 2 I have already done, it comes over to the W2 CJ account classified as ‘NOT PRIVATE’ (as expected) – as opposed to the CJ account in W1 which showed it before it was sent as ‘PRIVATE’. Do you think I need to CJ them again? Or do you think it’s still just as anonymous as before (other than consolidating the 6 UTXOs into one address now x2 sends)
  2. When using COIN CONTROL during a SEND from a CJ account it gives you this notice: PRIVACY AT LEAST 5 (see image)
    For my 10 remaining larger UTXOs, should I bundle them in 2 sends of 5 UTXOs each? Or does it preserve better anonymity if I send all 10 separately (I don’t care about the $5-$10 sending fee)
    NOTE: when I send, I SEND MAX so there are no change UTXOs coming back.

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    1. You need to CJ again. Sending multiple CJ coins to the same wallet creates an association between them. They can’t be traced back to YOU but they can be traced back to each other. That’s why they are no longer private, they are associated.
    2. Better to send separate to separate addresses. Mixing coins associate them with each other.

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