SEDA can become the Ethereum of Oracles.

It seems the community is no longer sleeping on the upcoming launch of Sedaprotocol

πŸ”΅ With Sedaprotocol
users will begin to forget what an L1/2 is. They will seamlessly interact with any protocol, from any wallet, from any chain

πŸ”΅ Protocols can socialize data feed cost, lowering the cost of data

πŸ”΅ OEV means holders of SEDA get to grab all of the Searcher value associated with the data that’s pushed on-chain

πŸ”΅ Data providers can expose their suite of APIs with one integration and be connected with any L1/2

πŸ”΅ The team of Seda has spent the past 18 months building THE layer one for data. This launch is going to melt faces across crypto 🫠

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