Scratch on new Trezor Safe 3

Ordered trezor safe 3 from official website. Only took 4 days to arrive and came from Czech Republic (this is normal right)

Package seemed legit. Safety sticker there.
Screen had the paper on top of it. Take it
Off and there is a noticeable scratch. Is this working manufacturing parameters ? Is this normal or could this have been tampered with? (I know I’m probably going to be told I’m
Paranoid) don’t care about cosmetic scratch. Only care that it’s legit and untampered.

5 thoughts on “Scratch on new Trezor Safe 3”

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  2. Please contact our support team at: This is certainly not the quality we want to provide. Thank you.

  3. had scratches and dents all over mine. Should be fine as Trezor doesn’t come pre-programmed. You install the software the first time you connect it with the application on your desktop.

    Their quality control is just garbage but the device itself is perfectly fine 😊

  4. I don’t understand why these things are getting f’d up. Maybe customs? It’s such a critical thing.

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