A new meme coin by the name of CondomSol has been hogging the headlines—but not for good reasons. The project developers are believed to have walked away after doing a rug pull with 5,000 SOL tokens valued at a million dollars. This incident, in turn, has been another grim reminder that the threat of scams in the crypto space is continuous and never-ending—even despite market sentiment.

The resurgence of rug pulls

The rise of cryptocurrency meme coins has brought excitement and caution among investors. While Pepecoin and Floki Inu, among many, have been some of the gainers, the darker side of the market has returned to haunt investors once again—rug pulls, where project developers disappear with all raised funds, effectively making a comeback to leave investors holding nothing but useless tokens.

Therefore, The CondomSol incident is exemplary in that full due diligence must be done before investing in meme coins or other crypto projects. In this case, such scams are very well combated by regulation of the crypto market, which seems to have little or even no effect, in part, since it might be needed because of education and awareness.

Escalating scams in the crypto landscape

With CondomSol being an example, the rug pull is part of the scams prevailing in cryptocurrency. In the bear market, the number of frauds surged, and in the recent bullish trends, it looks to have increased the momentum, causing huge financial losses to investors. 

A report found that, by 2023, the number of scam victims had jumped 23%, with the biggest increases among young people who fell foul of fraudsters.  

Scams continue to prey on people’s emotions and financial vulnerabilities, with rising numbers falling victim to romance scams, including variants such as “pig butchering. AI and deepfake technologies have also empowered very sophisticated methods of fraud where criminals are found taking up the identity of some big-shot, including one of Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse, to lure the victims into the fraud scheme.

Combating scams and a collaborative effort

With these rising tides of scams, the efforts to defeat the industry have gone too high. Resultantly, these cross-border efforts of the industry in collaboration with the police have brought in some successful results, which include the recovery of a significant amount of funds and arrests of fraudsters.

It was one of the largest ever coordinated operations between the cryptocurrency exchange Binance and the Department of Justice, resulting in an approximately $112 million recovery. Such efforts demonstrate how seriously stakeholders take these issues and how far they are ready to go to ensure investors’ safety and the market’s integrity.

The lesson from the CondomSol rug pull should be an eye-opener for investors, clearly showing cryptocurrency investments’ direct and inbuilt varieties of risks. The market is always going up and down, but to help protect oneself from scams and fraud, the key steps are always remaining vigilant and doing proper due diligence. 

If anything, the spike in scams is only causing greater problems for the cryptocurrency landscape, with the collective efforts of industry players and regulators offering hope for a safer and clearer market. 

Therefore, investors are cautioned to be very careful, use a very good source for the information, and do a lot of research before transacting in cryptocurrency. It can easily save people from being duped if they remain well-informed and alert, as these are the two most important traits any person should have to handle well in the crypto market.


  1. First of all, that’s a terrible name for a coin. Second, it’s scams like this that will lead to repressive government legislation.

  2. I got scammed for a few hundred $ on TOADS 😡
    Good website, good socials contact with the team as the funding came in and price increased each time
    Marketing on virtually every crypto news platform was huge and even though there was the obligatory disclaimer it was in your face
    It took a while for the audit to complete which is when the red flag went up but by then my $ was already with them
    30 mins after launching every thing was gone, developer’s had the ability and authority to close down and withdrawn all deposits, only a very few lucky traders managed to sell before the rug pull 😡😡😡
    I’ll never take part in a presale again 🤷‍♂️

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