[Satire] It’s with a heavy heart, I must inform you: The Bull Market is over. The Bear Market is back.

I know what you're thinking just two days ago we were celebrating lots and lots of Green across all of Crypto. Bull Market Hype was on the Menu, lots of Coins were going up +15%, + 30%, and a few were up +60% to +80%. Well today the market is Red, at first I thought it was just a red day due to obvious correction. But I decided to dig further and found undisputable evidence that a Bear Market is imminent.


I know what you're thinking, this time it's different. A BTC Spot ETF is on the horizon, and lots of Cryptos now have legal precedent to fight the SEC – this time it's different.

That's what I thought as well.. So I decided to check this sub and found more concerning evidence of an imminent bear market.



Based off both the undisputable laws of both Inverse CC and Inverse Cramer. The Red today is not consolidation but instead the start of the biggest Bear Market we've ever seen. Do with this new information what you want. I for one look forward to Sh*tposting with you all through upcoming years of Red.

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50 thoughts on “[Satire] It’s with a heavy heart, I must inform you: The Bull Market is over. The Bear Market is back.”

  1. We have hit an ultimate inverse cross, it’d been honor losing money with you guys 🫡

  2. Goddamnit! I was going to DCA more during bear, fuck this shit! Now I’m going to have to take some profits… Fuck you, Cramer!

  3. When did we enter bull market? I seem lost here. BTC to $1m next bull run or we riot.

  4. If Cramer says crypto is here to stay it’s probably dying the next 2 months. Well it was nice to know you guys. See you for the next tech innovation

  5. I am so Bearish, I would change my surname to Bear, my favorite cartoon character was Winnie de Pooh.

    (trying my best to turn charts green again)

  6. It’s over guys! These were some good days and I hope everyone enjoyed every second 🍻

  7. Why is the labelled “Comedy” and prefixed “[Satire]”?

    Jokes aside; Jim Cramer announcing he’s “bullish on Crypto” (after the bull run, not before), and r/CC posts announcing a “bullrun”, have become, indicators of a likely drop.

    Especially Jim Cramer’s “bullish” sentiments have been proven to result in loss on average in the short term (under 1 month) and long term (months to years).
    If he actually invested money in his own recommendations, he would be at a significant net loss.

  8. I’ve been here for too long because this is actually concerning to me. Reverse Cramer is just a meme, right guys?


  9. But what about the inverse of the inverse? Maybe we have shitposted full circle into bull run?

  10. Whenever we get too bullish, shit hits the fan and things go red again.. just the way of crypto or literal life haha

  11. How do y’all not get tired of this same joke. Do you have Memento disease or something.

  12. I must inform you: The Bull Market is over”

    Famous last words before being hit by the Bull

  13. So, how fucked can it get now given that 2 indicators gonna hit at the same time

  14. Comments and posts were ridiculous that day. I don’t understand why people are so impatient

  15. I’m convinced lol.

    More accumulation after the next big red dildo it is.

  16. Just for people who didn’t check it, this is a fake tweet. Bull run still a possibility.

  17. I know this is satire, but it’s still worth noting that the Cramer tweet is fake.

  18. Bought BTC at 52k…. loving life eating air. But my 2035 Supra is on hold.

  19. For a minute there I almost thought Blackrock was going to help us. I even told a friend about it. I’m slightly embarrassed 🥸

  20. Well, exchanges are not going to trade as hard against us because they’re being monitored more closely.

  21. It’s on the sub, and we always inverse the sub

    But we also inverse Cramer?!


  22. Oh no…… i have to finally sell my inverse Cramer positions or go anti crypto…. Shit

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