Safe Seed Storage: Protect your seeds from fire and robbery!

While chatting about the likelihood of your seed getting hacked is interesting, the main risks of your crypto getting stolen is your seed getting compromised IRL.In the event of a robbery/fire, are you set up for backup? Having a seed unsecured inside your home could be the potential biggest threat of your crypto being stolen in the future. Moving your crypto out of your home is a good way to mitigate these risksMy setup allows my seed info to be stored outside on my property to mitigate any risk of robbery/fire.What I did:

  • Use high quality paper and ink to write my seed down
    • Why not stamp metal? I probably will in the future as another redundant backup. However, I'm too lazy to actually stamp out a metal backup.
  • EDC container: first step is to roll up the papers and throw it in one of these EDC containers. They're typically used in camping for storing medications. They're watertight, cheap, and rugged.
  • Fireproof bag: this is just another layer of security. Bag is rated to 5200°. The bag is also waterproof as well.
  • IP rated electrical box: high toss the container and bag setup into an IP rated electrical gang box. Again, waterproof and rugged.
    • I also add a reusable desiccant to control humidity. If you're using paper backups for long term storage, keeping a seal that's not humid is keyHide in a safe place!

This set up is triple waterproof, humidity controlled, and fireproof. All for a very cheap setup that's no bigger than 3”x5”.Secure your seed, be happy. Hope this helps give you ideas to cheaply and safely store your seed.Other consideration:

  • In the future, I'll toss a metal stamped seed into the fire bag
  • I have partial redundant backups in other locations with trusted family members

Pics for reference:

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  1. Fire resistant plate is really the way to go.

    You can get cheap engraver pens on Amazon for less than $30 that will do the job. It’s really easy to use.

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