Safe 3 SE is a one and done product line

I bet they started developing this as soon as the Ledger recovery issue started.

They prob had something in the works, but rushed this through, that's why

At 9:28 he says this product is not the SE they have been developing with their partner company. That new SE will be in ALL their future models. This specific SE is a 1 and done.

2 thoughts on “Safe 3 SE is a one and done product line”

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  2. This would be the equivalent of the Ledger Nano S

    And the future product SE would be the Ledger Nano S Plus

    Where the S doesn’t not have the recovery feature but the S Plus does.

    The question is how much do you trust Trezor. There is a compelling argument to get the Safe 3 vs future SE products because it’s less likely they messed with it to potentially back door it.

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