RWA done right – Landshare

Landshare is set to lead the Real World Asset narrative. Solid project / professional team.

They tokenize real estate and you can invest in their property portfolio and get paid monthly rental yields and property appreciation. It’s literally a one of its kind project.

The native utility token of the project $LAND only has a 10 million max supply. And every time some purchases the RWA token (the property portfolio token for the project) 10% of the purchase is made in $LAND and that is subsequently burned. So it’s a truly deflationary token will already low supply.

There are plans to take the project multi chain to polygon + possibly Ethereum.

Also new exchange listings are on their way.

The project is still sitting under 10 million market cap, it’s just waiting to explode.

I would advise everyone to have a look at Landshare. 👀 🚀

2 thoughts on “RWA done right – Landshare”

  1. Is this SEC registered? definitely a security? What state is it incorporated? Who is the CEO? Thanks in advance. If all items are secured this could be promising!

  2. Great observation! Numerous RWA projects are emerging, and RIO is a leading player. I came across MNICorp, but it appears the project is inactive with no updates from the team. I’ve also seen Peaq network discussing RWA machines that could be advantageous for DePIN builders. Have you had a chance to explore it?

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