Remember influencers are not out to help you. We’re the product! They exist to influence what we do and what we think! Behind the scenes, they’re run by marketing agencies and bankers that want to instill narratives and shape beliefs! Remember this, when you consume them. (InvestAnswers/Coin Bureau)

It's important to remember this, especially as the bull run commences. These channels are here to influence us, they masquerade as master traders who are just trying to give us alpha that is “informational” and “educational” all the while they market to us and behind the scenes are paid to influence us. They are not utilitarian and altruistic, they are manipulative and deceptive. They have teams that are paid to provide us with dazzling and mesmerizing graphics and charts that plant beliefs in us, but they're shaping narratives and forwarding an agenda, do not be fooled and lulled into complacency. They're wolves who herd us like sheep.

Everyday they shill investment advice, but are protected by the pedantically worded Terms of Service buried within their websites. They do everything they can to influence and shape our beliefs, purchases, and investments but take zero responsibility for anything.


Let's take a look at InvestAnswers. His whole website and Youtube channel is based around giving you investment advise. Take a look at his “not financial products”. They look like financial products to me. He has a whole gambit of increasingly expensive investing “tools” for gullible people. Please have a look for yourself!

Wow, for just 174$/month you can take all these investing suggestions and advice, you're gonna be RICH!

But then take a look at the ToS, absolving them of any responsibility. And by the way, InvestAnswers isn't giving you investment advice and is not a financial advisor or investment advisor, this is all just make believe, it's just ENTERTAINMENT!

It's just for entertainment! Haha, are you not entertained?!

For giggles give this little video of InvestAnswers a gander, you won't be disappointed:


Now, for good old CoinBureu, the lovely completely unbiased gentlemen who is just out to help the lowly little crypto investor, he is just here to help you! Can't you see it!

Good ole little CoinBureau is a subsidiary of, previously These wonderful little enterprises are are DIGITAL MARKETING FIRMS. And you guessed it, they're here to help educate and inform you to the best of their ability… (haha, did you believe that?).

CoinBureau is a BRAND operated by MoonRock Media.

If you read through the ToS, it's the usual bit absolving them of any liability. Nothing they say is investment advise, they're all just here for entertainment and education! Except they stand by nothing they say and cannot be held liable for false information!

Who would have thought?! They get paid to market to you.

It's pretty weird how V3 and Moonrock look exactly the same and do the exact same thing:


V3 Digital

Coin Bureau was founded by Nic Puckrin:

Nic Puckrin using all the money you made him to do cool things.

Nic Puckrin using all the money we made him to race McLaren's! Don't worry you will do the same one day if you just listen to his advice on Coin Bureau!

Nic Puckrin on the best TRT funded by all the shilling. He is here to help!

He and Guy using all the money we made them to buy dinners in Dubai.

Nic Puckrin, is a former investment banker from Goldman Sachs. Definitely someone you can trust and is looking out for your well being, we're all here because we love bankers, right!

Citibank and Goldman Sachs

Guy, the quirky lovable main character of the channel is a literal ACTOR. His cute English accent and likable demeanor are setup purposefully to INFLUENCE YOU.

To put it bluntly, Coin Bureau is founded and bank rolled by a Goldman Sachs banker, head quartered in Dubai and is operated by a sketchy digital marketing firm out of god knows where and by god knows who. There is almost zero information on who owns it and where it is located.

Stay safe out there folks, and remember all this stuff when consuming anything by influencers. They're trying to influence you!

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  2. Now think about what projects they are swaying you into, and pushing you away from.

  3. It’s good to avoid influencers. But it’s also equally as important to avoid shilling from echo chamber like this sub

  4. You mean chico is not my financial advisor????? “Why so bulishhhhhhhh” LOL! On a serious note, I can’t take many of them anymore.

  5. The problem is you are watching some sellout with a large base and not someone like BTC Reaper who does it to teach and if they make money doing it, great, but not necessary.

    Where all the big YouTube influencers are just focused on getting money from you to sustain their life.

  6. coin boring is turning into alex jones crypto with all the “everything is a crypto conspiracy” narratives from this clown. i knew they were greasy . i’d be curious what you think about Altcoin Daily. i get super huckster grease vibes from those block head twins too. that whole group of them…crypto george, bitchboy crypto, altcoin daily, crypto banter, etc. sometimes i think about if i had more time and know how on hiding my identity how funny it would be to essentially shut their channels down with fake copyright claims. i’d love to see their uploads explaining how someone is messing with them. lol

  7. blockchain backer is ok for the most part. he is kinda corny sometimes, but he doesn’t shill coins. he’ll pimp his educational stuff a little bit. the worst ones to me are the ones pimping specific coins like they were paid to do it.

  8. Just like shit coins, it’s true 95% of YouTubers are garbage. Of your examples, coin bureau is mostly same regurgitated news etc. as others for clicks.
    InvestAnswers has valuable content if you’ve already been in the game and know what you’re doing, you can learn a lot.

    Eric Krown, Kevin Svenson, Crypto Zombie, crypto crew university are some suggestions of on point analysis, no bullshit channels I would suggest checking out.

    If you’re new to crypto, good luck and be careful out there!

  9. i upvoted this post even though i disagree with you, because i think it’s an important topic.

    i would say, just because some influencers are fraudsters and egoists, doesn’t make all of them fraudrsters and egoists. every once in a while you come across people who have a genuine, strong opinion and who know what they are talking about.

    i feel like coin bureau is among the ‘good guys’, i respect guy a lot and think that, even with all their affiliate marketing, they provide excellent information. no complaints there from me.

    there are also other respectable people out there.

    you saying they are there to manipulate us though, goes too far, into conspiracy theory tinfoil hat territory, imo.

    and of course they will have legal disclaimers, that is not a problem in and of itself.

    PS: some folks that i respect a lot: bald guy money, megawhale crypto, wolves of crypto, crypto currently. except for the latter they all have ads and promotions. just ignore all that and you get high quality content

  10. I don’t disagree with the gist of the post but the specific criticisms are a bit superficial:

    • ToS gripes

    This is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions around the world. Unless the person is your personal financial advisor giving you paid-for advice and directing your financial decisions, then they must have disclaimers. The existence of any disclaimer (financial, medical, or whatever) is not a negative.

    • Guy from CB is an actor.

    And? The channel needs a presenter and someone who is media-savvy and has an on-camera presence. You know what type of person would fit the bill? An actor. Besides which, it’s not like being a crypto enthusiast is limited to certain kinds of people. Is it?

    • Nick from CB is from trad-fi

    And? The most likely type of profession interested in crypto would be someone from trad-fi.

    • All the CB photos.

    You’re taking random photos of the CB staff doing things. Are people not allowed to do things? Are they not permitted to earn a living from being a YT channel or associated memberships?

    Moreover, they’re in Dubai, so where else are they going to get dinner from?

    No one at CB has claimed to be super rich or crypto geniuses. All of them have admitted to making mistakes in past cycles and not being perfect.


    James, on the other hand, has claimed that he retired a while ago and only got back into the game because of crypto. I’ve often wondered why he’s charging big bucks for his programs and models if he’s so rich. But he has indicated that he has a team working for him, so it’s probably for that.

    I can’t really fault someone for wanting to share their knowledge, and maybe they want a little bit of clout. Who knows, if he gets it right, he’ll be rich all over again. If not, then he won’t.

    He strikes me as a bit of a workaholic too. No family, no friends, no hobbies (he often says he’s ignorant about modern cultural references from movies/tv/gaming). Those sorts of people are the ones to make YT content when there doesn’t seem to be any real reason to.

  11. Also got to love those that are like: “I won’t do any sponsored content or have ads” followed up by an ad for their own personal site: “If you want more content and my latest moves, sign up for a monthly membership at….”

  12. So does this mean your average, run of the mill, twitter influencer with several thousand followers is part of this group?

  13. Well said. Coin Bureau is full tin foil hat weirdness … how anyone can take that suit seriously is beyond me.

  14. Marketing your own thing and being honest and helpful to others is NOT NECESSARILY incompatible. I agree a huge percentage of these people are a bit shady and contradictory, but I don’t believe ALL of them are total scammers. Also, use a couple of neurons and try to extract information instead of following what the Internet says.

  15. Full Value Dan is so modest and innocent looking guy… The best cover for a cold blooded shill

  16. influencers only exist because idiots who watch them exist.

    They need to dissapear, stop watching content.

  17. Yeah, people should understand that this is really bad idea to trust people in the internet

  18. It amazes why anyone thinks these people know anything.
    They have zero experience.

    The twins from Alt Coin daily have side jobs as actors.
    One appeared in the TV show Bosch.

  19. OP you make some good points. I think with crypto influencers, we get paid shilling mixed with original thoughts. We all have to think clearly about the information that comes from influencers. They key is to effectively filter the information stream, keeping the good and tossing out the bad.

  20. The invest answers guy is probably the most incompetent, least knowledgeable one out there, among those with some reputation.

    Coin Bureau is great but losing money after taking their bait on a few sh*tcoins taught me a lesson. It’s for entertainment and sentiment folks.

  21. If influencers were so financially successfully and investment savvy they wouldn’t need to monetize their shit end try sell you stuff.

  22. Would really love to see this kind of deep dive into Ran Neuner and Crypto Banter as a whole. Those guys are top of the pile as far as slimy influencers go

  23. And let me guess, you do your work out of the kindness of your own heart, and never try to manipulate your boss into giving you more vacation days, higher pay, and never try to trick him so you can do less work ehhh????? Typical redditor who never looks at himself. Sad.

  24. At least InvestAnswers provides data. You don’t have believe everything he says, and he does omit certain things. But he still provides data and information, which can and should be fact checked.

    And obviously don’t watch just 1 channel, InvestAnswers is good for Sol hopium and Backless is good for Sol reality check. You gotta balance them out. FUD your own bags so you can build a stronger conviction (and possibly dump them if things really go south).

  25. $174 dollars for InvestAnswers “entertainment”. Netflix and Apple+ need to increase their prices if that’s the paltry entertainment you get for $174. Btw, the influencer superfans will aggressively defend their man after reading your post.

  26. Problem is that schools and parents are late for this new train of bullpoop. Young people need to be teached how to observe information from Internet “famous” people.

  27. So what you are saying is you used to watch these guys but you lost a lot money and now you are sad 🙁

    dont you pump algorand on here, and you are worried about a Goldman Sachs banker?

    I bet you one BTC IA has changed more lives for the better than you. Seriously how many people have you helped finically retire?

    Sheep will always be sheep

  28. Crypto currency news channel has been doing it for years and never scammed anyone.

    Most of them are scammers, but not all of them.

  29. You sound actually mental…how do you live day to day?

    Like- did you expect successful business people earning and spending money, or really just a kind guy sitting in his moms basement? Donating every penny?

    Nothing you say is not apparent, normal and also morally legitimate.


    NOTHING proves they want to influence or manipulate the market- they make money by getting users/ viewers and want to “manipulate” you to watch them/ buy their program.

  30. I personally like InvestAnswers but dont buy any of tthe paid subscriptions but you can’t deny that he is one of the few honest out there

  31. Lol that guy was at Citibank for 2 months, probably an internship. Great research 😂

  32. IMO, there are only two YouTube influencers you can trust in this space: Blockchain Backer und Benjamin Cowen.

  33. I want to know about InvestAnswers DCAS. What the heck does it do? I have a friend that I need to convince to stop using this product because it doesnt make sense, but maybe I should just let her get burned to learn from her mistakes.
    Anyways, if someone knows what exactly DCAS does, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
    All of these manipulators are out for themselves. The guy mentioned yesterday that BTC should go to $80K which will make MSTR stock go above $1000. How did you get these numbers? Do you have a crystal ball? Just magic?
    And what does his followers do, just nod and say it will even get higher. Well, the answer is it might and it might not, but he doesn’t know. But he can’t go out and say that. He has to say something. Anything!

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