Reddit once against messed up on the launch of G4 Avatars by selling $100 avatars for $10 to Android Users. Which destroyed the floor for everyone that bought $100 avatars for “full price” at mint.

Reddit just launched their G4 Avatars and somehow found a brand new way to mess it up. The $100 G4 avatars were sold to Android users for $10. Which quickly resulted in some of the new avatars selling way below mint price.

Take for Example the newest $100 Rojom The Eye Eater – within minutes of the launch it was selling for $50-$60 second hand.

What was a 40% loss for Apple and Desktop buyers was a 5-6x profit for Android buyers.

This wasn't a one off either it happened to all $100 avatars.

Devil Artisman is another example of a $100 G4 Artisman that was selling for $37-$47 on OpenSea immediately after the launch.

What would be a 50-60% loss for desktop or Iphone buyers was a 3-4X for Android buyers.

By automatically devaluing the $100 avatars for everyone that didn't buy on Android- This brings a whole new meaning to the term “Apple Tax”

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50 thoughts on “Reddit once against messed up on the launch of G4 Avatars by selling $100 avatars for $10 to Android Users. Which destroyed the floor for everyone that bought $100 avatars for “full price” at mint.”

  1. People should never be buying these just to flip them. It’s hard to feel sorry for people who are upset about the floor price of an avatar less than 24 hours later.

  2. An NFT rule I’ve learned. Just buy off the floor immediately after mint. It drops below mint price the majority of the time.

  3. Glad i decided to sit this one out, been making enough shit financial decisions lately, atleast this is not one of them.

  4. Give it a time look at previous gen releases The eye eater will do fine . Congrats to those who got lucky and cheap lol .

    Bots sure didn’t get to win this round of release tho . Heck i wasn’t able to Mint more than one for any RCA’s .

  5. I am glad I didnt bought any of them.

    Reddit is too stupid to actually do ONE release good. I mean, this is the 4th gen. They had the chance to learn. But they still act like fools.

  6. I just bought the cheap Rojom because i wanted to support the artist. There were just too many artists and too many supplies like gen3. On top of that they were expensive asf. No way i’m gonna mint a reddit avatar for $250

  7. “Reddit once again messed up gen 4 launch” I mean ofc why not Reddit doing Reddit things.

  8. Although, I have to give them some credit for doing the early access thing by announcing it last minute and stopping a major bot action.

    Pretty nice gen launch imho.

  9. At least the 199 ones didn’t mess up 🤣 but seriously who is doing the code reviews, surely it would have been tested before to check that a decimal place wasn’t missed

  10. Oh my god, that’s hillariously stupid!

    How do they manage to screw up so bad?

  11. I’m on android and it’s not letting me buy anything. I was really hopeful it wouldn’t be a shitshow but well…… was.

  12. refund time? seriously they need to reimburse the 90 bucks to legit buyers, f* the bots though, they deserve it.

  13. After the first generation, I told myself, ride it, maybe until gen 3, then stop. Hesitated today quickly but still didn’t buy any. So glad!

  14. Just don’t spend money on anything inside Reddit for now, let’s see if they actually have a roadmap here or if they just keep fucking up on everything.

  15. I didn’t recognize avatars from some of the og artists like in past releases.

  16. And here I thought I was getting a good deal on a Rojom Eye Eater @ ~$80 on OS …

  17. It’s pretty much all profit to them anyway. Do you know how much it costs them to make these avatars?

  18. Knew it was gonna be FUBAR. After gen 3 the sparkle of what we thought we had has faded.

  19. If Reddit is listening im willing to be compensated with moons; just hit my line and we’ll work something out

  20. Can feel the air being let out of the reddit NFT balloon already. Maybe smaller releases with free and premium paid NFTs could be the way forward.

  21. I fell for this last time… not again.

    Spend hundreds on last generation. Those items are still on OpenSea for a FRACTION of what I paid.

    I can buy all this bullshit for pennies in a couple weeks.

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