Received notification for an update through text message

I’m not going to open it. Wondering if anyone knows what it is or also received one. Did something get compromised with Trezor database to leak my info?

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  1. Please bear in mind that no one from the Trezor team would send you a private message first.
    If you want to discuss a sensitive issue, we suggest contacting our Support team via the Troubleshooter:

    No one from the Trezor team (Reddit mods, Support agents, etc) would ever ask for your recovery seed!
    Beware of scams and phishings:

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  2. I got nothing. Maybe they just try it out on many phone numbers. I got 1 time a binance scam text, while i dont even have binance account.

  3. fishing.. generally I get the same thing with naked asian and black women pics asking for assistance in moving crypto for Nigerian royal familes 🤣
    I would question what platform/web site leaked your number

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