RBIF and NFTBS: a new synergy

$RBIF (Robo Inu Finance) and $NFTBS (NFTBooks) have decided to collaborate to create a synergy between their projects and offer their users exclusive benefits, such as:

RBIF is the token of RGI (Robo Global Investment), a project that offers a range of crypto-related services and products built in an ecosystem, such as:

– RGI Wallet, a secure and easy-to-use digital wallet that supports various currencies and allows fast and low-cost transactions. Donwload the app on App Store and Google Play Store, or try the desktop extension on Chrome;

– RoboEx, an automated exchange that lets you trade cryptocurrencies smartly and optimize your profits.

NFTBS is the token of NFTBooks, a project that aims to revolutionize the world of books and make it accessible to everyone. NFTBooks allows authors to publish their books as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and receive a commission every time someone reads them. At the same time, it allows readers to access a large library of books, magazines, articles and ebooks at a fraction of the cost. NFTBooks also wants to encourage the translation and sharing of books, creating a global community of reading lovers.

RBIF and NFTBS: a new synergy

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  1. I’ve been invested in NFTBooks since July or August of 2021. They’ve done a good job and held on through terrible market conditions.

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