Radix New 31,000 Swaps Per Second Milestone

Ethereum 9 swaps per second

Polygon 47 sps

Solana 273 sps (on devnet)

Radix Cassandra 31,000 sps (with 128 small spec nodes)


The *screenshot* is showing you an output of the current swaps per second with the Cassie testrun. In this case with 16 shard groups and in total 128 nodes ( 4 cores, 8GB RAM, SATA SSD each). Dan's also explaining what exactly is part of this run:

“validator sets are responsible for state with many transitions can optimize execution.”

“Some clarity: Substate X is pool state “

“Lots of transactions want to swap on the pool”

“Validator set A is responsible for substate X, Validator set A determines locally the order that the related transactions will mutate substate X State changes to X can be accumulated rather than being applied individually. This greatly reduces I/O and memory use, which allows more time actually executing. Its tricky though because you have to take into consideration various issues such as transactions that fail, timeout or become latent due to some external validator group issue. Handling those cases is the complex piece to ensure that the state retains integrity at the end of the sequence.”

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  1. A screenshot and some words don’t mean shit. Where blockchain explorer? Where repo?

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