r/Bitcoin Violates Free Speech And Resorts To Cyber Bullying And Defamation

Never in my life have I witnessed such a clear misuse of authority by any online forum, site, or platform, with a representative of it going as far as to insult me personally.

We all know well about the censorship on r/ Bitcoin during the blocksize “debate”: (https://medium.com/@johnblocke/a-brief-and-incomplete-history-of-censorship-in-r-bitcoin-c85a290fe43), however, this goes a step further.

This person not only exercised his power and suspended me from the subreddit (which was expected) but personally harassed me via this pm, and offended me using slurs and defamation.

Therefore, I filed a complaint and will consider if I will stop there, as I don't expect any immediate action to be taken by Reddit.

The EU laws and the laws and constitutions of my country strictly prohibit cyberbullying, defamation, and any attempts to restrict access to information for no apparent reason.

Yet this is not just about laws or regulations.

This behavior is UNACCEPTABLE and UNETHICAL.


It is our responsibility to strive for the highest standards of conduct and treat others with respect and dignity. However, it appears that the community of r/ Bitcoin lacks fundamental standards of decency.

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5 thoughts on “r/Bitcoin Violates Free Speech And Resorts To Cyber Bullying And Defamation”

  1. I’ve been a mod on r/btc for almost 7 years, and our subreddit has been under very heavy attack from spammers, scammers, and even some hackers or people who paid for exploits. Not once, during all that time, have I typed a single word of insult, or even the least bit of subjective negativity, into the “mod note” box for a ban. That’s borderline unhinged behavior, and anybody doing that would be instantly kicked off our team. Maybe they really do have it worse than us over there?

  2. I think Hal Finney would be sad if he could see what became of BTC.

    And the response from that mod team is a bit juvenile, though I’ve seen plenty like that in the past so … nothing much changed there.

    You’re right (and the John Blocke posts clearly show) the unethical behavior.

    At some point I set up a r/Bitcoin_Exposed to collect the bannings and in many one can find similar mod responses.

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