Question about transaction fees

I am consolidating some UTXO's (gearing up for a high-fee environment in this bull market :)) and it looks like whenever I go to send the “normal” fee is staying consistent around 163 sat/B. When I check, that fluctuates quite a bit but can be dramatically lower for a medium priority send.

Does this mean that the fee reflected in Trezor Suite is just not dynamically updated very often? For example, if is showing a medium priority send of 100 sat/B would I be better off just doing a Custom amount and entering whatever is reflecting?

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  2. Yup, do custom. I did a test transaction not long ago to try this; the fees on Suite were around 180 at the time, while mempool was showing around 90 (normal). I set it to 90 through custom and it went through in less than an hour.

    Just curious: what fee are you going to set for your consolidation? I am thinking of doing the same.

  3. Trezor Suite uses a proxied version of Bitcoin Core estimatesmartfee

    And it doesn’t perform that great. Like the advise here, follow for fee rates.

  4. Also Trezor suite shows sats per byte for some reason, while mempool shows sats per byte, which is quite different.

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