Qanplatform since last month analysis- testnet incoming

Once again sharing $QANX during a recent pullback, before upcoming catalysts.
(Down 20% from recent high.)

Not financial advice.
Links to the chart and previous post below.

In the last 4 months, they have seen 50% holder growth. This sets up well for incoming testnet. This launch is significant as the team has held back on marketing until they can truly market the product. This will enable 27 million devs to easily start building blockchain solutions, due to smart contracts in ANY programing language.

They also had news that an EU country is working with their tech stack, and Ethereum board member Patrick Storchenegger is the CEO of the IP holding company.

Altogether this sets up well for a strong month. I speculate they will also make some moves with exchanges or announcing more information about around partnerships.

Either way, the community devs that have already worked with the product are impressed. Once that spreads through the dev community, look out.

FYI- there is a privatenet already publicly available ( which is how the devs already tried it out). So the foundation of key features is already proven! They will add Proof of Stake for public consensus. And a royalty feature for devs that provide reusable contracts.

Last, they expect to have an easy 1-click migrate for evm compatible contacts. This ecosystem will ignite!

Take a look. Twitter and telegram most active. ๐Ÿป

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  1. I must say I am bullish on it. I am still waiting to see what role IBM has in the project. They must be using or will be using QAN tech…

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