PSA: Get ready for more people coming to this sub following the article and email about r/CryptoCurrency

If any of you have a account you probably received an email from them today where they link to this article:

In the email they state “the token reached its ATH and skyrocketed over 400% in seven days, exchanging hands for over US$0.65, according to Crypto.‌com Price.” They then link to the article above where it provides more information and is more educational. We will likely see an increase in low quality comments and posts in the next few days because of the financial aspects mentioned in the email. So keep this in mind when browsing this subreddit over the next few days!

48 thoughts on “PSA: Get ready for more people coming to this sub following the article and email about r/CryptoCurrency”

  1. Buckle up guys, the spaceship to $1 is about to liftoff🚀🚀🚀

    It’s just a matter of time!!

  2. We need more liquidity growth along with Volume so other exchanges may get the attention towards listing it.

  3. This place is currently packed with noobs but it will definitely become more saturated as we get more listings. I say welcome to everyone, old and new. A few tips for new comers:

    • be curious about projects, but remember that your decisions are your own. No one makes you buy anything and you’re responsible for yourself at the end of the day.

    • serial downvotes don’t earn you more upvotes. Actually, 1 upvote is worth something like 20 or 30 downvotes so be kind and keep interacting with one another.

    • this sub has a ton of content. If you have a question, actually use the search function before asking because there’s a good chance it’s been asked/answered before.

    • finally, moons have been around for years. Don’t feel like you’re missing out if you’re just getting in now, run your own race.

  4. is super strange.

    They don’t let you buy more than 436 moons per account, but seem intent on promoting moons via several different avenues.

  5. Finally moons have the attention we have been asking for.

    This is a good thing, let’s be nice with the new comers that in majority, I’ve seen posting very propositive topics trying to understand more about moons and how this sub works towards distributions.

  6. I don’t care it a lot o people come here for Moons, everyone deserves a chance to a better life and Moons may be the enabler for it for a lot of us here. There’s Moons for everybody.

  7. This is just the beginning, I was considering one dollar as a target price but now I’m starting to consider it higher.

  8. I’m still reluctant using CDC

    My first experience with them 3 years ago wasn’t great

  9. It’s actually a pretty exciting time. I hope that as a sub we give these folks the chance to get up to speed, help direct them to great posts on the basic questions, and grant em some upvotes to help add more members to the moon community.

  10. Noobs will soon learn that low quality comments won’t make you rich in moons. It is honest hard work that the best farmers do!

  11. This just in Cathie woods invests in moons wallet address .. A3ft6ry39efoily8748gbj21985hgawt6848hfbc978

  12. I see many many new faces around here an over at r/cryptocurrencymoons.
    It’s nice to see thr sub growing but ofc it comes with pros and cons. The more valuable are, the more greedy people become and is harder to get them.

    Regardless, it’s nice to see the sub so active.

  13. With great power comes great scammers too. We already had constant DMs attempt, it will be a lot more. Protect yourself guys.

  14. Yep more practice to download everybody’s comments. The good news is most people are too lazy to spend the time commenting and posting. I’ll just read things and I’ll make any effort other than downloading.

  15. Well, if everyone could figure out how to send moons to CDC, they’d have more liquidity! I tried using Metamask but I can’t figure out the process

  16. Yes there will be more people but reddit is set up to downvote low quality comments and posts , thats why i love it , we all talk about wanting mass adaption so i say welcome newcomers every month i tip new vaults becuase i was tipped 10 my 1st month

  17. Almost welcome to having more people apart of our community….way better than the bots that come when moons pump

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