Predictoor Data Farming Boosted by Smart Privacy, Final Week of Incentives Program is Live

For some time now, Oasis Network has been doing considerably well on the token front, and, while favorable market conditions do play a part, it is not the entire story. How a protocol develops innovative and robust technology and collaborates with other industry leaders to form strong ecosystem products is also important.

Two emerging trends in the blockchain and web3 space in 2023 have been privacy and AI applicability in use cases like DeFi. So, when Oasis and Ocean came together on the sidelines of SmartCon Barcelona, Sapphire-supported Predictoor became the result.

Ocean Predictoor is an AI-powered dApp making and verifying prediction feeds where individuals can submit predictions, stake on these predictions, and accordingly get rewarded. It requires end-to-end privacy and confidentiality solutions on three levels:

  • Individuals data privacy for the user-submitted data
  • Confidential computation on the data
  • Customized privacy settings so that the computed results of the data get shared only with specific parties and only under specific conditions.

As the only privacy-preserving EVM chain in production, Oasis Sapphire's smart privacy is the ideal technology to implement the solution. Oasis and Ocean also incentivize data farming similar to DeFi liquidity mining where predictions with the highest accuracy and lowest error get rewarded. Oasis allocated 400k ROSE for the incentive program that awards users weekly. The program was recently extended acknowledging its popularity among the users and the new end date is January 4.

Have you tried Predictoor which is fun and safe to use while offering sizeable rewards? If not, make sure not to miss out on the final week of the incentive program because privacy-assured AI prediction is all set to be one of the most exciting and rewarding DeFi experiences of the future.

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