$POWSCHE is giving away a real Porsche

$POWSCHE on Solana is back on the track!! It is up by 450% since Sunday and still growing. To help this growth even more, dev decided to hold a real Porsche giveaway. That's right, one lucky $POWSCHE holder will win Porsche once we hit 10M market cap. And the best part is that you can win even with 1 $POWSCHE in your wallet!

Let me tell you more about this giveaway.

All we know so far is that it will happen once $POWSCHE reaches 10M market cap and also how the winner will be chosen. Every participant gets 1 entry for every token he holds and also for every time his refferral is used or for every time he uses refferral of somebody else. No word yet on which Porsche will be competing but believe me when I say that this is something unique and will definitely push $POWSCHE even above 10M target.

But $POWSCHE is not just about this giveaway.

The marketing team wants to take an advantage of this growth and start pushing Twitter, Reddit, IG, Tiktok and maybe even some paid advertising as hard as possible. All these efforts along with the FOMO of everyone who sold during the dip will skyrocket us right into a new ATH.

Always DYOR but I believe in $POWSCHE mainly because of the dev's insane strategy and a community that never gives up.

CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/powsche/


20 thoughts on “$POWSCHE is giving away a real Porsche”

  1. Holder since 2 months. Firmly believe in the project. Beautiful. That’s what it is. Splendid. Greatness.

  2. Just want to see some cars burn at 50m and 100m mc, supposedly a surprise planned at 25m too. Really happy to see a Porsche given away, that is pretty based of a project to change someone’s life by giving them a nice car

  3. I’ve been in this coin since the second week of inception and haven’t sold a coin since. Truly remarkable team working on this and so excited for all the bullish roadmap events coming up. Join the TG and see what it’s all about!


    One simple requirement to be eligible: Hold Powsche

  5. No other coin out there doing stuff like this. Dev team is building a legacy token here. Great opportunity to invest in something that will last

  6. Amazing that POWSCHE is doing this giveaway! Who doesn’t want to own a Porsche! 👏🏽👏🏽

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