Plan B: “I expect $100k-$1m bitcoin average in 2024-2028 halving cycle, so at least 3x from here.”

The infamous Bitcoin price analyst “PlanB” is once again forecasting Bitcoin will hit $100k.. this time it will be at some point next year in 2024.

In 2021 PlanB had predicted that the Bitcoin price would be $100k by the end of the year.. but it didn't happen.

In June 2021 his S2F model was ridiculed, when 41% of voters in a poll voted bitcoin would stay below $100K in 2021 in direct contrast to his model that said it would hit $100k!

Dispite being so publicly wrong, he's not only been able to retain most of his 1.8m followers he's also got the courage to make another $100k projection for 2024.

Bitcoin is currently hovering around the $37k mark so if he's right.. you'd be looking at a 3x.

If he's wrong you'd be looking at this guy once again probably humiliating himself… it's almost win/ win!!! 😀

50 thoughts on “Plan B: “I expect $100k-$1m bitcoin average in 2024-2028 halving cycle, so at least 3x from here.””

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  2. I think a 10x is possible because of the up coming hype that will flood the market too so realisticly I see a 5-15x from this standpoint

  3. i predict bitcoin will, in the future, either reach a new ATH or a record low.

  4. BTC will first form a cock and balls pattern before bouncing off the butt hole band and only then reach 5 million, everything else is pure speculation. – PlanD

  5. His model was ridiculed and he humiliated himself? Come back to reality. He made an educated guess on something wildly unpredictable and he guessed wrong. No big deal, there’s no shame attached to that.

    Get over yourself.

  6. I genuinely think it’ll keep going up. When and why are the interesting questions

  7. “Dispite being so publicly wrong””, he predicted btc would go from 4k to 50k, however the 100k was a stretch because the “US Fed were hawkish”. Btc could have went over 80-100k if it weren’t for pandemic never happening nor inflation during 2020’s halvening.

    This guy didn’t fail. Last cycle should’ve been 100k, but two worst case scenarios occurred, its amazing that btc did a 20x with all those circumstances involved. Next halvening wont have a global pandemic, and wont have that massive inflation spike, will be very interesting how it breaks through

  8. I hope twitter bans plan bozo for spreading misinformation like how he bans people’s for pointing out he is a fraud

  9. He was wrong last cycle and his model is broken. Guy is a clown. Just picks random numbers at this point. Also is soft af and can’t take opposing views and blocks anyone that doesn’t agree with him

  10. This guy is a pussy. Blocked me on Twitter over a very light sarcastic remark about S2F

  11. Got it, so boooooo, Plan B, shaaaame, right? That’s the point of the post? Got it.

    Predictions can be silly. $100k isn’t even a stretch, though. It’s only a matter of time, and it’s not the distance future. There’s my own solid prediction.

  12. He’s an idiot, but BTC does hit 100k in either 24 or 25.

    1m isn’t likely until the 30’s, but institutional adoption could push that up to the late 20’s.

  13. “Humiliating himself” give me a break. It’s the internet. Who cares?

    If he’s wrong nothing changes. If he’s right, he gains another million followers. And here’s the thing: he’ll keep making predictions until he’s right.

  14. I predict $1 Billion BTC in 2025

    yes I’d like to collect my 2 million followers now please

  15. He gave such a wide band to avoid humiliation this time.
    This guy going wrong means bitcoin goes up to around 75 to 80 K USD and peak.
    If that happens, we can see lot of disappointed faces.

  16. It’s kind of amazing how accurately so many of you represent disbelief in so many of these posts

  17. Bitcoin will absolutely be 100k next cycle, and it will be much easier for it to get to 200k once it breaches 100k.

  18. He picked a number from 100k to 1m and in a range of 4 years…. Lol come on Man 🤣

  19. He is the reason I didn’t sell In 2021 and got screwed . F his predictions

  20. People follow entertainers and get mad, but ignore people who give it straight because it’s boring.

  21. Didn’t this guy predicted $100k last bull run at $69k and said something like “get ready for +10% daily candles”

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