Phishing with spoof tokens in Trezor Desktop

I just lost some DAIs, sending it over to some fake addresses, generated by some scammer. The way it works is: they create spoof tokens called DAI too, in my case (caption below), and they recreate the last transaction I made to a similar destination address, same 4-5 characters at the beginning and end.

I have three “DAIs” in my wallet

I was in a hurry (I know), and I just sent a non-negligible amount to the 'fake' destination, because I copy-pasted from the transaction registry in Trezor Desktop.

Is there any plan AT ALL to hide these tokens, implement address book, or just hide the noise? It is hard to believe that we still have to deal with such noise in the app.

I'm sure you though about solutions already, but please, do something.

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2 thoughts on “Phishing with spoof tokens in Trezor Desktop”

  1. I know a company that can handle this and they already provide those services to consensys and more companies/wallets in the ecosystem.
    If I can contact the team with that this can be useful and we can solve that.

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