Peter Schiff, despite saying Bitcoin has no value since inception, is now using Bitcoin Ordinals to sell art

No, this isn't April fools or a comedy post, he's really doing it.

Announcement tweet:

It's comical to see him do this and I don't understand his logic here. If Bitcoin doesn't offer any value, how could you use it to sell art? When confronted on the reasoning for why he's responded with the idea that it's still a real, original oil painting and may hold it's value over time. There will be 50 total prints signed by him and the artist, each with a corresponding Ordinal. Looks like it's going to be auctioned off in NYC.

Whether he eventually admits it has value in the future or not, it doesn't really matter and Bitcoin doesn't need him. But if you're going to be against it but use the technology that really means you acknowledge it's worth.

Previous tweet from 2021:

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50 thoughts on “Peter Schiff, despite saying Bitcoin has no value since inception, is now using Bitcoin Ordinals to sell art”

  1. Dude is a fucking donut and a walking contradiction. Of course he is using Ordinals.

  2. He’s a grifter just like many other crypto influencers. His shtick is to hate btc in contrast to his son who advocates for btc.

  3. People who buy this piece or crap should sit down and seriously question their life choices.

  4. He’s started very slowly and sheepishly backpedaling on crypto ever since he realized blockchain tech can be used to sell shares of tokenized gold backed by his company lol the first time I heard him talk about this it was hilarious how he didn’t realize how hard he was contradicting himself.

    Sounded like a full blown BTC maxi talking about the need of an worldwide means of sending value that isn’t centralized under the control of the government. I could swear I’d heard him have more criticism of blockchain tech in general but it turns out his only problem was literally just that he hadn’t found a way to make money off it yet.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years he has a company issuing tokenized gold on the blockchain, with the ability to buy and sell gold for BTC and vice versa, so at the end of the day, he’s (technically) holding too.

  5. Like it or not, Ordinal is actually different take on BTC. A lot of people, who thinks BTC as money is a scam, can actually accept the value proposition of BTC being a valuable storage space of data.

  6. The whole art market is one big scam to avoid tax and is used for money laundering and is totally unregulated. You don’t see the SEC looking into that market

  7. You mean a guy would sell something that he doesn’t believe in just to make profit??? Say it isn’t so!

  8. He is just a greedy scammer. Block him because he gets far more attention than he deserves.

  9. What are the chances he is doing this to try and clog up the mempool again so that he can claim “See!?!? I gave it a chance and it doesn’t work!”

  10. I don’t get the difference between owning a rare original painting from an artist and I don’t get owning a “rare” nft either. To me they are both a waste of money, but that’s just my opinion

  11. The guy is a fraudulent cunt bubble. A proper wanker.

    He gladly accepts bitcoin for payment when selling his gold on his shitty nappy of a website.

  12. what a shit attempt at just attempting to cash in when the going gets good.

  13. His son is big into BTC and daddy knows this. One day(Spencer I think) is going to be richer than daddy, and papa Schiff will admit the error of his ways and get into bitcoin. Or die a miserable old shit knowing he got it very wrong.

    This fool has been spouting shit since 2013 BTC is dead. 10 years of even a small percentage of his wealth into crypto would have his balls gold plated…… .

  14. he has suddenly discovered the “value” of Bitcoin when it comes to selling his art? funny how perspectives change when there’s money involved.

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