Welcome back to our weekly highlights where we review the recent news and development this week at PancakeSwap which are worthy to recap.

  1. With a 700B in trading volume, a celebratory drink is a must! Join us in the festivities and stay tuned for PancakeSwap v4's arrival.

  1. 8,703,247 $CAKE burned this week – that’s $35M!

  1. PancakeSwap March Recap.

  1. Witness the remarkable growth in trading volumes across diverse chains this March, including Ethereum, Aptos, zkSync Era, and Arbitrum One. Explore the fresh figures and witness our progress!

  1. The rswETH Farm is now live on Ethereum PancakeSwap!

  1. This week we've rolled out CLAMM Options Trading on Arbitrum to trade options smoothly and earn on the go. 🥞 Check our chart to see where we're growing next.

  1. $MASA is now available for trading on BNB Chain and Ethereum PancakeSwap!

  1. Introducing TWAP and Limit orders, powered by Orbs.

  1. Say hello to WAGMI Leverage built on top of BNB Chain PancakeSwap!

👋 Say hello to WAGMI Leverage built on top of BNB Chain PancakeSwap!

⚡ Traders – enjoy high leverage with time-based liquidations

🌊 LPers – enjoy higher APRs for your liquidity

👉 Start here:

  1. AMA with the Chefs about PancakeSwap's Q2 roadmap, and answers to the community questions.

  1. This week's top farms are heating up! 🔥 Highlights include:

  1. Check out this week’s top altcoin pairs for farming! 🌟 Key highlights:

That's a lot…

See you next week, building never stops. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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