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Welcome back to our weekly highlights where we review the recent news and development this week at PancakeSwap which are worthy to recap.

  1. This week we burned 8,808,741 $CAKE – that’s $21M! read more!

  1. Did you know that we have just landed on r/DeBank? read more.

  1. November CAKE Burn Report

Minted: 1,083,657 CAKE, Burned: 1,435,619 CAKE, Net Mint: -351,962 CAKE, % of total supply burned: 0.089%. read more!

  1. Pancake Mayor's first season began this week! Dive into the Mayor Tournament for a shot at an EXTRA 7,000 CAKE this season! read more.

  1. irdrap? Join our $500 USDT giveaway by posting your best PancakeSwap moments on Instagram & tag #PancakeSwap2024. read more.

  1. This week we Introduced: Web3 Notifications on PancakeSwap – BETA now live.

All your DeFi updates, all in one place! Real-time updates, Actionable alerts, Customize your feed, Powered by WalletConnect. read more.

  1. INSP-USDT (Inspect) went live on r/Ethereum PancakeSwap this week! read more.

  1. November took PancakeSwap's growth on multichains to new heights! Dive into our latest stats and see our strides. 👏

💬November Highlights: Total Volume: $11.7B (+$4.63B from $7.08B in Oct) read more here.

  1. Love Fun? Join our Telegram for a month full of entertainment as we wrap up 2023?

This December, PancakeSwap has exciting mini games planned for you! read more.

  1. Base PancakeSwap v3 trading volume hits a massive $200M! read more.

  1. This another Milestone Unlocked! PancakeSwap Perpetuals V2 just hit a staggering $4 billion in total trading volume! read more.

  1. Weekly Farm Specials! 🚜 We'd love to hear how you're finding them. 🌻 What's been your top pick from our farms this year? read more.

  1. Need to learn more about veCAKE? join our recording on YouTube of our Community Workshop from Chef Bun and u/ChefFranPS where they explained veCAKE and Gauges System.

Grab your pancakes and join us in this informative session! 👇

  1. PancakeSwap & DefiEdge unite! Discover our Position Manager with DefiEdge’s ALO strategy across r/BNBChain, r/zkSync Era, r/Arbitrum One, r/Polygon zkEVM, and Base! read more.

  1. PancakeSwap November Recap

veCAKE and Gauge Voting,PancakeSwap Gaming Marketplace is Live with a New Game!

CAKE Negative Mint November, New Position Manager Partner Perpetuals v2: Dumb Mode. read more.

That's a lot..

See you next week, building never stops. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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