GM, PancakeSwappers! Welcome back to our weekly highlights where we review the recent news and development this week at PancakeSwap which are worthy to recap.

  1. As always, we begin the week with some flames, this week we burned a whooping 9,235,605 $CAKE – that’s $21M! more info!

Oh, and on the $Cake deflation status this week.

A bit weaker than usual

  • Current $Cake supply at 387,377,295 (from 387,494,341) so a supply reduction of 117,046 $Cake
  • Supply reduced 0.997% since deflation started.
  • Inflation rate at -1.06 $Cake/block

  1. Start voting to direct CAKE Emissions to your favorite Farms on r/BNBChain, r/Ethereum, and r/Arbitrum

    Each 14-day epoch relies on veCAKE votes to determine CAKE Emissions allocations, and results will be concluded and applied every 2 weeks. read more here.

  1. PancakeSwap r/Arbitrum One soars to $200M trading volume! read more here!

  1. This week the axlUSDC Farms were upgraded on Linea and Base PCS!

🧑‍🌾 Stake axlUSDC-USDC (0.01% fee tier) v3 LP, Earn CAKE. more details.

  1. On this episode's with the interviews in the kitchen, from movie stars to bunny stars, Meet Chef Brie, the fantastic mind behind PancakeSwap's socials. How does she handle this challenging task? more details.

  1. PancakeSwap Perpetual v2 – Dumb mode went live on r/Arbitrum!

What's Dumb mode? Trade perpetual with the 60s, 5m, and 10m expiry duration️, no opening/closing fees; charges apply only on wins. more details.

  1. Another meetup what? yup you read that right, there is another meetup happening in 12 days in r/spain read more.

  1. this week we also got a vote to introduce CAKE Rewards for Range Protocol’s Position Manager Vaults! read more.

  1. Whisking up some great discussion on the latest r/blocmates podcast as Chef Icy dishes out the details on veCAKE tokenomics, multichain, gaming and more. 🥞

📺 Tune in here:

  1. This week we've teamed up with Cyber Connect to distribute 400 whitelist spots for early access to Cyber Community Rewards Season 2

Eligibility: here.

  1. How are you enjoying our Weekly Farm Specials? 🌾 Share your thoughts and tell us your favorite farms below!

  1. Say hello to PancakeSwap’s Forum! this week we launched a our governance forum. In our new governance system, veCAKE holders will have voting rights, replacing vCAKE

💬 Discussions for all proposals will be held on our Forum and will still be voted on Snapshot

👉 Give it a visit… more details here.

  1. Pancake Mayor will be having grand comeback at 1 PM UTC on December 5th, more rewards are coming your way! read more.

See you next week, building never stops. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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