🥞📝 Pancake Master Juapia made an interesting and easy guide about PancakeSwap’s veCAKE! 🐰🧠


✅️ Introduction about CAKE and its Tokenomics:

  • CAKE is PancakeSwap's governance token used for staking, boosting farm yields, and participating in Initial Farm Offerings (IFO).
  • CAKE has been deflationary since September 2023, with a current total supply of approximately 386M, actively reduced through burning.

✅️ Breaking down veCAKE:

  • veCAKE is the locked staked CAKE weighted by lock time, quantifying rewards based on both staked amount and lock duration.
  • It introduces a new feature, allowing veCAKE holders to vote on CAKE emissions allocation, influencing the rewards for different farms/pools.

✅️ Understanding the CAKE Yield Aggregator Protocols:

  • Meta-governance projects like Cakepie, Stake Dao, and Breakfast accumulate and lock CAKE, optimizing yield and rewards.
  • These projects enhance liquidity, distribute vote incentives, and contribute to CAKE being locked permanently, benefiting the PancakeSwap ecosystem.


  • CAKE holders benefit from increased demand and liquidity through these protocols.
  • Each protocol offers unique features, distribution methods, and governance token roles, requiring users to perform due diligence and choose based on their preferences and risk tolerance.

For the comprehensive guide,Visit: https://medium.com/@juapia/the-ultimate-guide-to-pancakeswaps-vecake-79ec16c864a0

Portuguese version: https://medium.com/@juapia/la-gu%C3%ADa-definitiva-para-vecake-de-pancakeswap-82f80c7f0174

Italian version: https://medium.com/@crypto.uan/la-guida-definitiva-a-vecake-di-pancakeswap-cf5451a4c0d0

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