Orange pilled my friends

I managed to orange pill four of my friends all in the same week. Two of them seem to be doing great, setup DCA 50$ a week.

Another friend came in heavy and bought 0.25 but then like 2 days later he is asking me about other “cryptos” I wanted to slap him. I told him the rest scams and he was going to get rug pulled. I hope he doesn't go this route but he will learn his lesson.

Last friend I'm worried about…he is OCD as hell and obsesses about things easily and in the span of half a day he won't stop talking about it. I'm kinda worried. Haha it is kinda cool to have someone to talk with about it now.

I'm just excited because I've been trying to orange pill people for a couple years with zero success until this week.

I found this nice video that touches more on the philosophy of bitcoin and shared it with them. It worked 4 out of 4. They asked more questions after, so I shared some go to podcast that you've all probably know.

7 thoughts on “Orange pilled my friends”

  1. >2 days later he is asking me about other “cryptos” I wanted to slap him

    You’re a good friend. Please just slap him if he asks again.

  2. Wow that’s just so random that a Bitcoin video that just dropped was what got your friends interested even though you’ve been trying to convince them for years.

  3. I did that to a friend during the last bull run, and when they lost half their money, I was the one who got blamed. Let people find Bitcoin on their own. It’s a lot easier.

  4. I hope everything works out with you and your friends OP.

    I had to learn my lesson the hard way. I now recommend my friends and family study Bitcoin and not buy bitcoin. If they get it great and if not I tried. Some folks have a hard time understanding volatility and get distracted by shitcoins and pump and dumps.

    With that being said, everyone buys bitcoin at the price that they deserve.

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