Only 2 days since I invested my life savings and I’m not a millionaire????!?!?!??

Hello guys, I joined you two days ago when I invested my life savings (around $2000, that papa gave to me) into Bitcoin ETF, since everyone was talking about it. But now I see that the price has gone down??!? How is that possible?? I lost around 300 bucks, that I was gonna use to buy the exclusive limited edition of those digital monkey drawings, that are very cool (I think they were called NFTs or something). I see some are selling for millions, I could be rich! But now that Bitcoin's price has gone to the ground I think I'm gonna sell. I cannot afford to lose more money, since I got fired from my favorite job last month (I was the clown in my hometown circus).

I think I will try to buy some monkey drawings, when I save up enough money again (I will wait for my papa to give me some more) and then sell it for at least a million dollars and I'll show you all how to make real money! You can all sit here and watch all of crypto go to the ground and never be rich like I will be!

I will never invest in crypto again! It's all a scam!

Edit: WOW guys, thank you for all the encouraging messages in my DMs! One of you was kind enough to give me a big opportunity to invest in crypto with $500-1000 monthly returns! I can't believe it!!! He already gave me his wallet address, and I sent him the money I still had left. Whoever you are, thank you so much!!!

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  2. Ever since the BTC ETF approval, the board has released an unorthodox way to read crypto chart. You’re advised to turn your phone upside down and read it from right to left. WHO SAID WE ARE NOT MOONING?

  3. Crazy thing is, when Bored Ape was blowing up this is the actual thought process of rich people. “Why isn’t my Bitcoin making me millions? Fine! I’ll get a couple of these monkeys, forget this crypto junk!”

  4. You are almost right.

    All crypto except privacy coins like Monero is a scam nowadays because total KYC censorship and cancellation of dirty Bitcoins established worldwide, from regulator’s point of view, virtually equals to crypto transaction cancellation. But, by definition of Crypto notion, crypto transaction can’t be cancelled by a 3rd party. Theorem is proven. All crypto today except privacy coins like Monero is a scam.

  5. It’s been two days and my only invested $2k. With this thought process, u are right u shouldn’t be investing.

  6. That pretty much what happened back then when NFT first begin blooming with the monkey stamps & such

  7. Cats are better than monkeys

  8. >> He already gave me his wallet address, and I sent him the money I still had left.

    Iykyk 😭

  9. Sounds like someone lost all their money in something : /

    What’s ironic to me is that a few months ago I literally put my only $2.2k into Solana and got up to $10k. Then since then I’ve been playing around in WIF and made another 4k on top of that. Not bad for “crypto going into the ground?”

  10. Just wait until this mad lad discovers leverage! /s (Please don’t consider it even as a joke)

  11. Wait for the big correction thats overdue! Etf approval was already priced in and fomo got both new and experienced investors to go all in. Your only option is to dca and eventually you will be in profit.

  12. I didn’t read your parody thing because it’s 4 paragraphs long. Brevity is the soul of wit, player (for future shitposting)

  13. This is gold. Sadly there are enough people who actually did what OP wrote

  14. Hi brother, I am Ukubuku, a Royal Prince of Nigeria. I can make you rich with this digital internet money

  15. Sometimes I see posts and they’re like I’m not going to waste my time with BTC or ETH. I’m here to make life changing money! This is them followed by them saying that they’re looking into what are functionally obscure penny stocks. The type of token that you have to manually add to a DEX to find it because that’s how no-name and obscure it is. DEXs won’t even add it to their visible token list. Maximum risk-curve buys.

    I feel like these are the same people who months or a year later are posting about how crypto is nothing but scams and grifters.

    Funny enough, maybe a year ago during the bear market I was listening to a blockworks podcast (they’re actually good, but this interview had a clown) and someone was honestly, non-jokingly and not trolling like I question if crypto is even an investible asset class. I put some money in a year ago and it didn’t 5x. It went down!. I think it was this episode

    People are strange. They view crypto as nothing but gas station scratch offs and Mega Millions lottery tickets. It’s weird though. If they blew all their money in Vegas or they bought $200 in tickets and only won like $20, they’d generally be ok with that. Replace it with crypto and they’re outraged that they didn’t become instant millionaires. Like the market owed them millionaire status and they got robbed or something.

  16. The title alone gave this post away as a joke. LOL, imagine if there was actually someone on here that wasn’t a millionaires yet.

  17. What kind of n00b are you. Everyone knows if you want to have 1million in crypto you have to start with at least 2 million, sometimes more.

  18. It go back up do not sell if you lose money. If you have only 2k it’s better to invest into ETH.

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