Only 1000 Blocks Left Until Bitcoin Halving

We're getting now really close to the Bitcoin halving – only 1000 blocks left until the 5th mining epoch, when mining rewards will decrease from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC. The next Bitcoin halving will occur at block number 840,000.

Feels like the final stretch now. Exciting times.

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49 thoughts on “Only 1000 Blocks Left Until Bitcoin Halving”

  1. Have to expect a sell the news one for this. Give it 6 – 12 months to kick in

  2. Exciting stuff!
    But what does this mean exactly? How many transactions? Time frame?

  3. While we don’t know what will happen on halving we all know that bitch gonna sour once all these institutions/countries gobble what’s left of the supply the following months.

  4. Sell the news, might take a little bit but a few months after will likely start to mature again even stronger. I am still HODL but might be inflated temporarily due to anticipation .

  5. Heard that there have only been pumps to Bitcoin whenever its halved? If yes why so?

  6. This js as cheap as BTC is going to be for some time I feel. Really considering dropping another £3k in.

  7. Will bitcoin get more expensive to mine after halving? This won’t make the price to drop?? I read somewhere that the halving will make the cost of mining bitcoin up to 30% more…

  8. Does the halving happen automatically or is there like someone that has to turn on the switch or something?

  9. What happen after halfing? My bitcoin become half or it become half the price I need to buy them? I am not sure… how comes the ceo of bitcoin never makes the rules clear??

  10. Surprised to see that the halving and the next difficulty adjustment don’t line up.

  11. Im a noob, should I be margin shorting BTC? I have a few hundred I could fund into a trading app, setup some orders… 6 days and this shit goes down yeah?

  12. Someone do the math. How many blocks a day have been mined over the last couple weeks? 


    Satashi will come on all of our screens laugh and disappear with all the bitcoin duh

  14. This “Halving” means almost nothing and you guys are literally talking as if Bitcoin is a stock.
    I didn’t realize how few people understand bitcoin at all, the halving or the cost of production.

  15. The fact there is over a million btc left to mine means we’re still early af.

  16. Lol this is so going to be an anticlimax!

    I wonder if anyone’s perceptions will change if it is?

    You “understand” bitcoin and “know” that the halving will force prices up, so if it doesn’t, will you question your understanding?

    Haha fuck that to the moon baby. My 2015 coins are gonna make me a fortune.

    Thanks to the future people for all your future work to buy them off me so I can spend the rest of my life doing fuck all! Not sure what’s in it for you? Another wave of people prepared to work harder and longer! And for them? There’s always more people and more work to be done.

    I understand.

  17. so why did bitcoin crash with war jitters ? isnt the argument that its safer than fiat currency ?

  18. Can you image getting either the last sat mined before the halving or that first one.
    Would be epic to own a part of history and such a rare sat. Those will be worth way more than face value. Forever

  19. Can someone explain the bitcoin halving to me again, also why is everyone selling so many coins with the price dropping.

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