One of my favourite things is turning bans into “sleeper mines”

Blower behind them for exhaust! Barn floods so I have everything off the ground. Probably pulling around 175 amps ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (by the way I’m using hydro to power this for FREE)

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15 thoughts on “One of my favourite things is turning bans into “sleeper mines””

  1. where is hydro electric like this availible? is this on your property or out in the wild can you show the hydro equipment like whats transferring the energy from the water

  2. You’re going to catch that “sleeper mine” on fire with a setup like that.

  3. This is grungy in the coolest way

    Kinda dystopian almost, in a cool way haha

  4. Fire hazard?

    Edit: never mind I see these are high leakage datacenter PDUs carry on crazy Bitcorn miner

  5. make sure to check on them regularly , this looks like a real dirty/dust environment.

  6. Is this more profitable than sending power to the grid? With the costs of equipment and everything

  7. I’ve built about a dozen mines in my life. This brings me back to the early days. Bubblegum and duct tape. Love it.

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