Once again many people that bought at over $30k sold at under $30k. Guess people just won‘t ever stop with “buying high and selling low“, even over the short-term.

After about a whole month of price action between $30k and $31k mostly, we just a few days ago took a wider swing down to $29k and even now do not seem to have the buy power to get back above $30k. Yesterday was also the day with the highest BTC liquidations since the XRP verdict we had recently. Surprisingly it was still only short-term holders that were selling.

Yes, once again long-term holders held their cool and don‘t care about such dips for ants, while short-term holders have definitely gone out of patience and just want to sell at any time. Short-term holders have really mastered the ancient trading strategy of “buy high sell low“.

Transfer Volume of short-term holders to exchanges in Loss, chart from James V.Straten on Twitter

Here is visual evidence too, the transfers of short-term holders in loss to exchanges have peaked during our fall to under $30k. Which shows how many short-term holders that bought or even just held at over $30k suddenly chose to sell due to a pitty dip for ants. Those are the real paper-hands.

But the good thing with all of this is that short-term hodlers that are such paper-hands will soon run our of fuel after repeated selling in losses, while we long-term holders still barely sell, as we know what a real dip and pump actually looks like and we have patience after waiting for a whole bull run too.

TLDR; long-term holders >>>>>>>> short-term paper-hands

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50 thoughts on “Once again many people that bought at over $30k sold at under $30k. Guess people just won‘t ever stop with “buying high and selling low“, even over the short-term.”

  1. You are expecting the wrong people to make wise decisions lmao, average crypto bro got the emotions of a 15yr old not getting a PS immediately after asking

  2. Tbf most people tend to cut their losses early and minimize potential risks. Not everyone has diamond hands.

  3. >”The market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”
    -Warren Buffett

    I don’t agree much with the guy but he’s got a point with this quote.

  4. This statistic doesn’t show that it’s the same people. It’s just showing that some short-term holders are buying, some short-term holders are selling. OP is jumping to conclusions to make something of a nothing burger graph.

  5. Once again, it’s easier said than done to wait and sell at a profit instead of a loss. That’s mostly because people break the cardinal rule of investments: don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. So, when the price goes down, they freak out and panic sell.

  6. Sometimes you need to sell assets to take care of you and or family. No shame in that.

  7. I think people need to find hobbies. I feel like they got so much free time that all they do is stress over what thye just bought. If you could take your mind off of it for a while, it would be great for your finances.

  8. FUD will always shake out the greedy and the weak hands. I welcome that because it means more crypto for me to accumulate.

  9. They are afraid to lose too much and sell, although it is the wrong thing to do

  10. They shouldnt be buying but for alts many will never touch their ath.

    Like XRP crap

  11. People don’t realise that they’re getting into crypto with only money they have. They take out a all in loan, buy BTC watch for it a couple of days and the moment the portfolio turns red, they start having sleepless nights and soon they’re either liquidated or forced to sell in red leaving them and their families poorer than ever.
    If you’re ever looking to get into crypto, make sure you’re ready to lose it all and don’t mind a rats ass what happens to this money.

  12. I paper handed at 50k, back then it was considered blasphemy to sell. Good times. How are the „lOng term“ hodlers doing these days, lul

  13. Aaah crypto rollercoaster ride! Short-term holders panicking at every dip, while us long-term HODLers panicked but still hodl cause we Remember, patience is key, and adips won’t shake our diamond hands! Although they may make us sad

  14. People will never stop doing this because it’s due to natural human herd following behavior. Buy during the hype so you don’t miss out on being part of the in crowd. Buy during the panic so you make sure you get safely off the sinking ship with everyone else.

    Good investing requires becoming emotionless and making logical bets. It’s very unnatural for a human to want to board a ship that appears to be sinking with thousands of people running off it. But if you have done your research and understand the ship isn’t actually sinking, you can board it and take command.

  15. Low conviction is why a lot of people sell. I read and follow crypto on the daily. This stuff isn’t going anywhere. We are just getting started. Wait it out.

  16. To me, that is people who dont follow “only invest what you can afford to lose”.

    Nothing worse than being in a money jam and having to cash something out as a loss.

  17. This was me in the beginning. Freak out when anything goes down on the day sell and succumb to the FUD but once I got a trezor and got advice from ppl it helped me to send and not touch BTC.

  18. If you bought some at 15k and sold at 30k, that’s 100 percent profit. Nothing wrong with taking profits.

  19. No offense, but buying at 30k isn’t buying high as selling at 29k isn’t selling low

  20. Maybe they bought from 25 to 31 and are still in profit but wanted to lessen their exposure. Not everyone just hodls and hopes for the best.

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