Oasis Network’s Week(s) in Review: Polychain Monsters, DAOs and more

Greetings and Happy Sunday everyone,

I'm back with another weekly recap from the Oasis Network stormfront. Let's delve into the key highlights:

  • New grant for Polychain Monsters :Secured funding to integrate Sapphire compatibility into their gaming platform. They plan to document the entire process, keeping us in the loop
  • New blog article: Check out How to DAO: Building Confidential Web3 Communities with Oasis
  • Integration with Pixel Realm is live! Check out NFTrout
  • William Wendt hosted BG from SubQuery for an interesting discussion: Web3 Data Indexing
  • Illuminex went live this weekend
  • And a sneak peek into next week:
    • Twitter Space with SmartWhales on Tue, Feb 6 at 4:00 PM CET
    • First Sapphire course will be launched on Oasis Academy
    • A special section for ecosystems projects will be launched on the official Discord server

I'm sharing the link to the video for anyone who wants more details.
Happy watching, and let me know which update caught your eye this week!

3 thoughts on “Oasis Network’s Week(s) in Review: Polychain Monsters, DAOs and more”

  1. Absolutely cracker of an update. I am bery much bullish about illumineX, and already have participated in liquidity providing and farming on this confidential DEX that is going to be a gamechanger in the DeFi space, IMO. But the update that has floored me is the one about NFTrout. As a pound owner of 3 trouts, I also received a humongous amount of Rosy – the first memecoin on Oasis Sapphire. Incidentally, Rosy is available for swapping on illumineX.

  2. Big up to Oasis! All these exciting developments are absolutely mental. Keep ’em coming, ey?

    You might fancy a look at this sub: https://www.reddit.com/r/DailyLedger/

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