Oasis Network – A small glimpse into the future

2023 was a packed year, but it's gone now and it is time to look towards the future.
Here are a few things I found interesting during the last Oasis Network community townhall :

  • No future downtime for runtime upgrades thanks to the Eden upgrade
  • Staking directly from Sapphire paratime
  • More grants in the pipeline
  • A mobile wallet might be available soon
  • Oasis will be present at ETh Denver and more live events
  • Oasis Odyssey will continue with new prizes coming in the future
  • Another hackathon
  • Technical content to be released in Oasis Academy
  • Meet the Oasis team series will also continue now with Andreja Cavnik

Happy 2024!

1 thought on “Oasis Network – A small glimpse into the future”

  1. My top takeaways from 2023 in the journey with Oasis have to be Eden upgrade, Oasis Academy, Oasis Sentinel ambassador program, P4W3 hackathon, and quantum leap development of ecosystem projects like illumineX and NFTrout (Escrin) as testament to the smart privacy utility of Sapphire. The year in review aptly highlights and summarizes the achievements and contributions of Oasis as they continue to make the vision of bringing privacy for web3 a reality in 2024 as well. And one of the cool things to look forward to would definitely be the Oasis mobile wallet.

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