North Korean hackers have stolen $270 million worth of crypto in the last 102 days. That amounts to $2.64 million dollars stolen every single day.

The Lazarus group are state sponsored north Korean hackers and they have been targeting crypto for quite some time. All the well known recent hacks and drains in crypto have been because of them.

Atomic wallet was hacked for over $100 million, they were hacked by the north Koreans

Coinspaid was hacked for $60 million, again, the north Koreans

Recently stake was hacked for $40 million and now coinex has also been drained for over $50 million. The north Koreans did it again.

They are stealing on average $2.6 million a DAY. This is a massive problem for crypto but no one has found a successful way to stop them. ZachXBT and Tayvano have been tracking the north Korean wallets and this is their opinion and I tend to agree.

North Korea runs around freely robbing everyone, smart contracts are OFAC'd, builders are in jail, and laws are being written by illiterate imbeciles.

Evidence that north Korea (Lazarus group) are behind the attacks – (credit to Tayvano and Zach for their work)

Fbi confirms the stake hack was done by Lazarus group –

50 thoughts on “North Korean hackers have stolen $270 million worth of crypto in the last 102 days. That amounts to $2.64 million dollars stolen every single day.”

  1. In 2024 when the bull run comes, North Korea will mysteriously rise to become a top global economy lol

  2. Well the new submarine seems to be running fine abd russia wants to buy arms from them. So they arent doin that bad

  3. Cryptocurrency is a major target for North Korean hackers and the investors need to be aware of the risks.

  4. The blockchain is a wonderful tool for experts to track every single move the criminals have made. I love that no matter how hard the north Koreans have tried to obfuscate the funds, most of their wallets is still being tracked

  5. Wow, be careful guys, more than at any other point, protect your crypto and don’t click shady links

  6. I bet they are actively trying to hack another crypto exchange right now. We never know who might become another victim of Lazarus group. So you guys better move your funds from whatever exchange you have them on. Its risky to leave your funds on exchange especially with Lazarus group going with full force targeting whoever they can.

  7. I take all of this with a hefty pinch of salt. There’s always this clear identification of the convenient enemy, then in the future when we become friends, it turns out none of it was true after all. Trading on fear and people’s short memories.

  8. Insane. I think this is probably a coordinated activity by more than one country working together with North Korea to carry out these attacks. Lazarus group is incredibly powerful at carrying out these operations without a glitch. I hope CEX are prepared for such a catastrophe or we are going to end up having black swan event.

    High time we need more robust security against such attacks in order make crypto secure and more effective.

  9. North-Korea is barred from international trade, so there way of making money is scamming. They done it long before crypto even existed.

  10. This is their government best project. I am sure of that.

    They need to be stopped because this is getting out of control and its having a bad impact on whole crypto in general.

    Other governments should work towards creating units that will actively try to detect this group, track them, make an effort to make their lives harder. Anything counts.

    The sad part is that other governments may also go with the easy way, tell its crypto fault, use it in such way to block North Korean hacking group. Use it as a excuse to ban crypto, for example.

    Edit: I am saying this because this is clearly North Korean government backed project.
    And governments are so happy to take taxes on your profits, on your transactions and such. So why not fight the bad guys? It is in everyone’s best interest to stop these people.

  11. If this continues they will have enough assets with Lazarus to manipulate the market itself !

    How do someone stop a government backed group of hackers !

  12. North Korea is a stain in crypto, nah, they are a stain in the whole world. Their population has no fault ofc but that cancerous dinasty of dictators needs to go, for the good of everyone.

  13. So that’s how they get to fund the world’s biggest military army. Those guys normally don’t produce anything for export.

  14. If they are able to steal it. the technology needs some serious improving

    I don’t really see a problem with them stealing it, the problem I see is that they are able to steal it

  15. Those are huge numbers if you think about it. I hope big exchanges like Coinbase and Binance are prepared for something like this.

  16. This is really a bad thing, and concerns me. A lot, really a lot, of new “war” money!

  17. How are we even allowing NK to have internet access outside their own country lol

  18. Makes you wonder how they use the funds that they steal. What governmental task is being propped up by all this money?

  19. they barely have working internet lol how are you guys letting them hack your wallets

  20. Ban China North Korea and Russia a big chunk of all that goes away of course not all but nobody can tell that’s not worth it.

  21. I can’t guess my 6 numbers password with 6C12T CPU 3.9GHz and they did that with some potato powerd 1C 433MHz CPU

  22. ELI5. How does crypto help N Korea more than monopoly money? I didn’t think anyone traded with them except maybe Russia. They cant redeem crypto for native currency. If they do exchange it for dollars or a world wide accepted currency, how much can they really spend before getting blocked.

    TLDR: isnt there a salability problem?

  23. I just don’t get how the hackers are originating from North Korea, like how?

  24. I hacked RuneScape accounts when I was a kid. Part of me is glad I didn’t follow down that path and hone my skills….. but over 2 million a day sounds nice too.

  25. I wonder how much of that money goes to the poor people that live in North Korea…

  26. They’re doing us a service. Think of it as natural selection. Projects that are secure are able to reproduce and pass on their good genes to strengthen the gene pool.

  27. Crazy how I thought N Korea didn’t even have computers because of propaganda, yet these people are some of the best at stealing crypto

  28. OK, can someone explain it to me how “hackers” keep stealing crypto? Hasn’t crypto always been touted as a hugely more secure way of transferring currencies? For years Crypto bros have been screaming to anyone who would listen that the traditional banking system is flawed, because of how centralised it is, or how secure crypto is with its SHA256bit algorithms and 24 word seed phrases. Yet every week we hear of some massive crypto hack that’s cost the struggling crypto sphere 100’s of million’s of dollars. Where are the flaws?

  29. I wonder how much of north korean economic revenue/GDP comes from such hacks, the lazarus group has been going at it for awhile now

  30. They steal 900mil a year. Thats literally a drop in the ocean (3% of THEIR gdp?). No one is gonna do anything about it.

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